GOlden Lotus retreat

five elements, bali ✨ May 25 - 31 2020


Join us as we unveil our spiritual-sexual consciousness…

Join us at our upcoming Bali retreat, where we will immerse ourselves in the vibrational teachings and spiritual embodiment work of Golden Lotus for a full 5 days, soaking their honey like texture of sovereignty and sisterhood into our senses; through our skin, through our eyes, through our breath. Come with us, take time to unwind this physical body, and breathe into the sensual-spiritual experience of the mystery of the feminine being. Allow your body to be rewoven; expand, relax, release, and receive it’s own unique, divine Being. Be opened, be led, believe. ✨




✨ You’re a practitioner, long term spiritual aspirant, or feel an overwhelming “yes” to this work & retreat. All of these are signs that your body and your soul is ready for and desires more connection with like minded sisters in a high-quality vibrational space to honour and support your alignment & sovereignty.
✨ You would like further inspiration professionally as a healer, a leader, a creative, a yoga teacher, a bodyworker, or a sexual health therapist or specialist. You would like to experience the meaning of your guidance and your work in a deeper, more integrated way and learn the knowledge and tools to integrate higher spiritual practice and potency into your daily life. 
 ✨ You work in sexual health or are recovering from birth, an operation, or on any journey with women’s-health related healing, and you would like a safe and affirming space to recalibrate, reflect and recharge.
✨ You want deep 1:1 attention of highly specialised Priestess and Leaders, the most exquisite surroundings, the wisdom of mindfulness and your heart reinvigorated and spiritually met and recharged. 
These retreats are both a moment to completely release and relax, as well as activate and recalibrate. Integration from the content and experience can be simultaneous and instantaneous or can take over a year to slowly weave this content through your being and life at your own Divine pace.



✨  The Full Level 1 opus and experience of movement practices; both invigorating daily practice, and yin practices. 
 ✨  Experience different types of integration, awareness, and energetic activation techniques. 
 ✨ A full understanding of your female energetic anatomy & how & why your female health and hormones respond to energy.
 ✨  Learning about Body Based, somatic psychology
 ✨  Discussing current research on women’s health, physiology, and the meeting point of science and spirituality. 
 ✨  Applying the principles and applications of ancient spirituality to a modern day context. 
 ✨  Practicing mindful communication to your soul, your body & being to help improve relationships, & recognise activation. 
 ✨  Learn integration, context, and processing tools to help your journey and healing move swiftly. 
✨ Receive a 1:1 session from our head practitioner, and practice self love with an exquisite 1:1 personal photoshoot. 
When you combine your complete sovereign and Divine activation program with massage, yoga, a beautiful environment and plenty of warmth and kindness, the time spent in Temple becomes an unforgettable experience - a treasured moment in your journey where your heart, your energy, and your soul were in perfect communion, and deep sensation of bliss and feeling moved through you.



This retreat focuses on the spiritual, somatic and sexual anatomy of a women’s sovereign centres. This means we focus on the whole body aligning and cleansing, in order to become “pelvic central” and “cervically sovereign”. These terms refer to our movement from our higher mind, and upper body, down into our instinctual, sensual centres, to become led by our pelvic intelligence, and more aligned into our being. For this we use a series of techniques which help to detoxify the body through through vaginal canal and pelvic bowl, and help to attune us to release trauma from our past experiences, as well as ancestral, lineage based emotions from our womb, cervix, and vaginal canal. We use the jade egg, and attention, awareness and sensual sexual practices to awaken our energy for detoxification, and we learn about our energetic anatomy to aim with visualisation and meditation for these transmissions. Golden Lotus is for you if… you have proven that you know your body on a practical, technical or intellectual level. Now it is time to hone in on the inner strengths, and the core of your spiritual leadership knowledge, attitudes, and skills. This Golden Lotus peak performance program is designed for… women who know there is more for them in their body, in their instinct, and their intuition which will guide their healing, and growth, and are willing to relinquish their trust and control and let go into the experience of the body and soul in it’s fullest expression.



yOur retreat leaders & Team

Eva Williams-132.jpg

Retreat Leader: Eva Louise Williams

Eva Louise Williams is a passionate professional in feminine spiritual development and somatic wisdom. She has a decade and over 10,000 hours experience as a practitioner, healer and teacher. She’s passionate about providing spaces for women to learn about their sensuality and sexuality. Eva founded founded Golden Lotus with the aim to spread self love, self trust, sexual empowerment to women throughout the world. Golden Lotus is a series of meditations, movement practices and sexual-spiritual teachings which cultivate spiritual awakening, sexual activation and embodied sovereignty. The focus lies in purifying the body through ancient techniques; chi-gang, jade egg work, and traditional feminine sexual cultivation secrets, and educating women and professionals on the natural wisdom of the female physiological system. 



Elly Brown has been involved in awakening practices for over 10 years, practicing yoga and adopting a vegan lifestyle over 9 years ago when she moved to Bali to follow her dreams of cultivating a balanced, natural, and organic lifestyle. She has since launched her dream brand SALT, which focuses on self-care and self-love products with natural ingredients. Elly has been practicing and working with Golden Lotus for over a year, as both product developer, supporting manager and head priestess. Her loving heart, deep integrity, and genuine care for women and sisterhood is palpable in her bright and nurturing presence.



7:00 - 8:30 : Golden Lotus 5 Organ & 8 Extraordinary Movement Practice

9:00 - 10:00 : Breakfast and Juice in the Sun

10:30 - 12:30 : Education, Elements, and Energetic Anatomy (Integrative Meditations & Workshop)

12:30 - 2:30 : Lunchtime & Time to Digest
(Private Sessions 1:1 & 1:1 Photoshoots are also booked within this time)

3:00 - 5:00 : Embodiment and Emotional Intimacy Classes (Somatic Connection)

5:00 - 6:30 : Sunset, Stillness & Silent Time
(Private Sessions 1:1 & 1:1 Photoshoots are also booked within this time)

7:00 - 8:00 : Dinner Together

9:00 - 10:30 : Temple Time: Sound Bath, Somatic Movements (Yin Golden Lotus Practice) & Celestial Ceremony

10:30 : Silent Time & Sleep

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five elements, bali

Five Elements, Bali

Nestled on the banks of the Ayung River, Fivelements Bali is an award-winning eco-conscious wellness retreat deeply rooted in the ancient traditions of Bali, making it a peaceful sanctuary to embrace authentic Balinese healing, plant-based cuisine and sacred arts - inspired by Balinese culture, which encourages us to nurture harmony with spirit, the environment & one another.

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All our meals will be luscious, local, vegan meals which we will share as a sisterhood of light. The option for juice fasting, or other special catering needs is always available upon request.

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In free time you are welcome to walk the sumptuous 6 acre grounds, barefoot, or immerse yourself in relaxation & integration activities such as spa treatments, sound, or crystal healing.

What you receive?
When you arrive you will receive our bespoke gift-bag which will cater to your needs on this retreat. We ask that you have an additional baggage allowance of up to 7kg for the items you will receive on the retreat. We will honour our arrival with an afternoon tea, a starlit dinner and a beautiful welcoming ceremony followed by restorative yin movements for a well grounded night’s sleep. Each morning is met with a 1 - 1.5 hour movement practice in the Temple, and every day nourishing and grounding activities will be shared and given for us to learn more about our body and mind together, and how the merging of your spiritual, divine, and sensually alive self can enhance your connection to the Universe, your sisters, your power, and your mystery.

You will also be given the opportunity for a 1:1 intimate photoshoot during your retreat, and a 1:1 session with our retreat leader. These sessions will be booked individually for each women during the free time in the day, so you will have two of your eleven silent times substituted for a private session and an individual, immersive body image and affirming shoot.

Local Excursions
We do our best to enjoy the local flavours, sights, and specialities of the surrounding environments to which we retreat, including waterfalls, beaches, and cultural spaces of interest - however it is often reported that women would rather spend more time in the Temple Space than at local spas, locations, or the wilderness. For this reason, we encourage you to book a few days outside of your retreat to explore local beauty, while we will aim to provide deeply nourishing excursions as part of our program for your delight.

Pay a deposit or in full to secure your place

Golden Lotus Bali 2020
from 550.00
✨Bali 2020! ✨

The deposit is payable immediately upon registration to secure your place and is non-refundable; however if the trip is cancelled due to insufficient numbers of trip participants you will receive a full refund. This deposit will be applied in full to the cost of the trip.
Final payment of the balance due must be received 6 weeks prior to departure.
Cancellation fees 90-60 days, 25% of the cost of the trip; 60-31 days, 50%; 30 days, 100% of cost.


Do you need more information, or have questions about the payment plans, retreat content, your medical history, or anything else? Fill in this form to contact us.

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