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✨ On July 16th we will be opening the doors for the Golden Lotus Online Temple once again. We have spaces for all women, worldwide. This is an 8 week online journey through the Golden Lotus school of work and thought - it is a modern day feminine mystery school, and a journey into alternative healing which places deep emphasis on learning about your own physiology in a sacred and mystical way. We cover the spiritual, emotional, and sexual potency and meaning behind your pelvis, your vaginal walls, cervix, breasts, and your whole sacred feminine energetic anatomy. The orgasmic potential of your body, and it’s detoxification processes, emotional, physical and otherwise, through the yoni.  

“Let the waters settle and you will see the moon and the stars mirrored in your own being.” - Rumi✨

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What will I receive?

The course is delivered through 8 modules, week by week, with around 3.5 - 5.5 hours of content each week.
There will be 1 - 1.5 hour gentle yogic movement practice, and somatic self pleasure and movement practices, and opening exercise. Alongside this you will receive audio and video attunements to do throughout the week (10 - 15 minutes), and lecture and theory content, downloads, and transmissions which speaks to the anatomical function and spiritual wellbeing of our body mind when it comes to our feminine sovereignty, mysteries, embodiment and being. 

You will also have email content, and access to interviews and webinars from the work. Our found will also provide a weekly Q&A video via email, where she answer all questions from all participants that week. In our private Facebook group we will share, integrate, and download our intimate experiences, expressions, sharing, and reflections from all corners of the globe. 

What you receive weekly
✨1 full embodiment practice (1 hr) ✨
✨5 - 6 movement videos (1 - 1.5 hrs) ✨
✨1 email / pdf book to download & read (30 mins) ✨
✨2 - 3 short meditations & audio attunements (30 mins) ✨
✨Private facebook sharing group ✨

“Come and enter the Temple of the heart, of Golden Lotus practices, synchronised to the pace and the heart of your own femininity. Encourage your creativity, enhance your intuition and expand spiritually. Merge into sisterhood, self acceptance, and a deep trust in your own innate sensual and spiritual genius.”  - Eva Louise Williams, Founder

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What teachings do we cover? 

The first 5 weeks are spent exploring Level 1 - the vaginal canal with or without the use of a jade egg, and detoxifying the body. We begin to understand on a nervous system, lymphatic and sensual-sexual and spiritual-somatic level how our yoni is the centre of our balance, our power, our body, and how we can use it’s power to articulate our powers of manifestation, our boundaries, our self love, our self care, our courage, and our containment - this building boundaries, magnetism, manifestation, health, wealth, wellness and hormonal balance. 

The final 3 weeks are spent exploring Level 2 - the deep pelvis, focusing now specifically just on the different orgasm and organ systems of the spiritual-sexual system; the clitoris, the g spot, and the cervix. 

We move from a sense of integrating our whole being into our pelvis, and the into the deep pleasure states of cervical and pelvic centrality - and what it means to awaken fully the feminine instinctual nervous system, integrate that with your higher intuition and your heart based sovereignty. 


temple content Overview

Dates: 16 July 2019 - 10 September 2019 ✨

✨Introduction & Initiation ✨
16 July 2019: ✨Kidney & Du Mai ✨
23 July 2019: ✨Liver & Dai Mai ✨
30 July 2019: ✨Spleen & Chong Mai✨
6 August 2019: ✨Lung & Ren Mai✨
13 August 2019: ✨Heart, Cervix & Chong Mai ✨
✨Full Moon Blessing Ceremony ✨
20 August 2019: 1st Gate ✨The Clitoris ✨
27 August 2019: 2nd Gate ✨The G-Spot ✨
3 September 2019: 3rd Gate ✨The Cervix✨
✨Integration & Actualisation ✨

Time Commitments: 3.5 - 5.5 hours online per week / 44 hours over 8 weeks ✨
Location: All of the work will be completed online through the Golden Lotus Temple portal ✨
Cost: $555

Registration closes on the Full Moon 16th July 2019.

✨Enter The Temple ✨

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What results will I see?

This course will give you a sense of how interconnected your physiological experience of your body, your sexuality and your spiritual growth really are. Boundary issues, sexual abuse, intense detoxification (such as from chemotherapy) and healing issues of the gut (IBS, krohns, fructose malabsorption) are all possible outcomes from this course, and the field of this work.

Full body orgasms, learning to orgasm from your g-spot (female ejaculation) and recycling deep orgasmic energy for multiple, ongoing orgasmic states or personal power - including the physiological and neurological stamina required for these - are all taught in this course. 

Women who have previously completed or continue to work with the Golden Lotus system have; ✨experienced major shifts in their neurological and embodied states ✨have come out of menopause to “collect” what they left behind ✨have healed ovarian issues, cervical cancer, and breast cancer ✨broken up from long term relationships which failed to meet them ✨established boundaries and severed old cycles ✨re-engineered their dietary patterns and menstrual experiences ✨fallen pregnant ✨safely delivered to term after being told they were “high risk” cases (multiple miscarriages) ✨experienced orgasmic birth experiences ✨have a much deeper sense of their self love, their own intuitive knowing, and self respect.

Calling all wisdom keepers

The course is a serious calling, and integrates a lot of physiological knowledge into spiritual traditional and as such tends to attract yoga teachers, healers, and those who have already studied and dedicated time to their embodiment rather than those who are laymen, however anyone who is feeling the call is welcome to join. 

This course and learning also makes up some of the prerequisites to become a Golden Lotus practitioner and teacher, so there is also an ongoing educational and career path for those looking to invest not just in a course, but in a longer term training, and being part of a team. You can find out more here:

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