Kidney & Du mai Movement sequence & Explanations

kidney Du Mai full sequence

This is the full practice - for you to learn the movement sequences. You will find that this is not the Yin version of the work you learned in Temple; you can download the PDF below which will guide you through all of these movements in illustrations, and on the PDF you will see lotus icons which indicate the parts of the sequence which are included in the Yin Practice.

PDF of the Movement Sequence | PDF Overview of the Points | PDF “Inner Alchemical Cycle” Debra Kaatz (pg 47-67)
| Illustrations & Photos of the Movement Sequence | Hui Yin


This video goes over the first line of movements - opening the points on the spine, and breathing the spine open, which is the basis and the foundation of our whole Golden Lotus practice. We are going to be taking time to moving up through each of the points on the spine - the tailbone/perineum, the sacrum, the mingmen or Gate of Life, the kidneys and adrenal glands, the back of the heart, the neck and shoulders, and then the head and neck or occipital area, and the finally the crown, where we can invite light to now spill down the front, allowing us to open the whole Du Mai MicroCosmic orbit.

Line 2: Warming, moving & BREATHING THE SPINE

This is a beautiful continuation of our initial movement practices and sequence. In this part of the practice we take the more meditative and still versions of breathing up the spine, and we begin to activate those through the breath, so we’re moving through some very strong warming spinal practices which can be taken as gentle or as intensely as you’d like. This part of the practice will really allow you to feel the power of warming and breathing through the spine to generate energy and movement.

line 3: spinal flexions, stretches, warmth, and rests

This is an intensive part of the practice where we are going to move through the activation and warmth in the spine which we have built up - and begin to experience the power in our thighs, hips, and spine with some intensive stretching. This part of the practice is what allows us to really feel we are pushing energy through the whole spine - and is quite intensive. None of this part of the practice is included in the Yin version - so this is really a warming, activating, and yang series for the hips, thighs, and spine.

Line 4: Connecting to the Kidney meridian

This beautiful part of the practice is all about connecting into the Kidney Meridian part of the practice. We cover doing the actual Kidney Meditation, we work with opening into the meridians, the Golden Light practice, and drawing from the Earth. This practice allows us to connect Kidney 1 - the beginning of our Kidney Meridian - all the way to our Heart - and gives us time to slow down and rest the spine a little bit. Then we stretch out the whole kidney meridian, still staying connected with Kidney 1, and the ending of the Kidney meridian in the Heart and sternum.

line 5: moving into integration

This is a beautiful yin part of the practice where we open up the hips, doing a shoestring pose in Yin Yoga, and then coming into a really comfortable lying down position from where we will transition into ending to our practice.

line 6: The final integration of the practice

This video commences in the middle of Line 6 of the movements and gives a long explanation about the merging of the mind and the body nervous system, and the ways we can work with the fluid body and open into ease for the final part of the practice. This is our foundational practice in Golden Lotus, so it’s very important that you understand how to end and finish this in a way that allows us to truly reap the benefits for each and every time we return to this space of foundation and integration.


This is a short 20 minute practice for you to learn the movement sequences uninterrupted. This does not have meditations, or any guided sequences.