Golden Lotus practitioner training

✨This portal outlines the complete Golden Lotus teaching & practitioner training. This training is not just about bodywork or a series of set movements like a yoga training may be, but is instead about developing your own unique feminine sovereignty and leadership - including all of the traits of feminine alchemy, understanding, receptivity, and creativity - in addition to learning to teach, hold, guide and treat in the way specific to Golden Lotus. 

“Let the waters settle and you will see the moon and the stars mirrored in your own being.” - Rumi✨

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“To embark on this training is to acknowledge and to encourage your deepest wisdom; to accept support to synthesise all of your own sacred practices of your path, your learnings - and integrate those into one sophisticated modality which reflects both the heart of Golden Lotus and the heart of your own femininity and individual Awakening. This practitioner training encourages creativity and confidence, it enhances intuition and individuality, and it expands spiritual sisterhood, self acceptance, and a deep trust in your own innate sensual and spiritual genius.”  - Eva Louise Williams, Founder.

As you will have experienced, Golden Lotus merges meditation, breath-work, vibrational healing, yin yoga, chi-gung, TCM, Taoist energy practices, elements of yogic tradition, and somatic movement practices and fertility/birth-work to facilitate an embodied state of sexual, sensual and spiritual sovereignty.

Golden Lotus is focused on a system of spiritual development following principles or steps towards increased embodiment and physiological, emotional, spiritual and psychological alignment as laid out as Levels 1, 2 & 3. Each of these levels and their topics will be taught in depth during each level of practitioner training you embark on; and they will be used as the framework to shape the work you will learn to generate and teach.


practitioner Training Overview

Dates: June 2019 - December 2019 ✨
June 13 2019: Introduction & Initiation ✨
July 2019: Kidney & Du Mai ✨
August 2019: Liver & Dai Mai ✨
September 2019: Spleen & Chong Mai✨
October 2019: Lung & Ren Mai✨
November 2019: Heart, Cervix & Chong Mai ✨
December 2019: Integration & Actualisation✨
November/December 2019: Priestess Retreat

Time Commitments: 150 hours online (12 - 15 hours a month) / 200 hours + total ✨

Location: Almost all of the work will be completed online ✨with the exception of pre-requisites and the delivery of your Golden Lotus ceremony, your final bodywork, and your graduation which takes place in person in November or December 2019.

Costs: $5565 ✨
Payment Plans: 3 installments of $1855 usd || $370 deposit and 6 x $555

1 x Golden Lotus Moon Circle or Ceremony (1.5 hours) ✨
1 x Golden Lotus Level 1 Course (5.5 hours) ✨
1 x Golden Lotus Bodywork Treatment Flow (1.5 hours) ✨

“Don't be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.” - Rumi ✨

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What is it, and who is it for?

At current our practitioner training is primarily for up-skilling practitioners - pre-existing yoga teachers, alternative health therapists, and bodyworkers who want to become part of this community, learn this very specific approach to feminine embodiment, and take the opportunity to cultivate a deeper understanding of modalities they may already be familiar with. Many practitioners are looking for that “integrating piece”, and long to be guided through evolving and combining their unique professional skill sets into a sophisticated modality with a welcoming, integrative, supportive community on a professional and personal level.

How is it structured?

The practitioner training is a slow build up of content and the opus of Golden Lotus, as you approach the quality of embodiment required to hold this level of work. We start with transmission based practice - meaning we require you to have first completed as a student (or host) every single one of the levels you intend to teach, respectively. We then move into a ceremonial initiation of your path of facilitation. At this stage you will dream up, write out, and co-facilitate a Golden Lotus ceremony of your imagining as your personal embodied contribution to the Golden Lotus ceremonies, with one of our practitioners. This initiates your status as a Golden Lotus priestess. Often this requirement is delivered later in the training - and there is not an official or specific order you need to acquire your priestess status within, however our training structure is based on witnessing tradition unfold, and then capturing it’s spirit, and formalising it. Historically, and organically this has been the first step for all women. You will also begin, in June, working through the online portal of Level 1 which teaches you all you need to know to begin your full Level 1 training. You will be required to do monthly 1:1 mentoring and ongoing group calls with our head practitioners and your fellow Priestess, and eventually formulate a Level 1 class to teach, and a Level 1 treatment flow, and attend the final Priestess Retreat where you will have the opportunity to receive your community and graduation before being granted Practitioner status. This final retreat is incredibly important to deliver your final requirements which can only be delivered 1:1 in person, and to learn about the business structures of Golden Lotus, and how to move into becoming a practitioner. This also includes, upon graduation, your photoshoot, your personal webpage, booking portal and business information for the future growth of your community, and more.

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Costs & Payment

The cost of this training is split over a series of payments due in different increments during the course of your education. Our founder recognised in her years working at an alternative health college that one of the fundamental issues with people undergoing trainings to learn about embodiment and healing was the sense of support withdrawn once the studying period ended - and that resulting lack of support making it difficult to establish in the outside world. As a result you will find that where other yoga trainings require you to forge your own path and grow your own business, including marketing, which an be tiring, draining, and discouraging, everything has been set up in Golden Lotus to ensure an ever deeper sense of community and service after you finish your training - and this is reflected in the payment structure as well.
The cost of the training is $5565 (USD) - paid in three installations of $1855 each, or in one deposit of $370 and 6 payments of $555.
✨1st Instalment: prior to June 2019: $1855 usd ✨
✨2nd Instalment: prior to September 2019: $1855 usd ✨
✨3rd Instalment: post 2019: $1855 usd

What is the money used for?
One third is paid upfront, as a deposit and covers the initiation, the content, and the online platform learning;
One third is due before September 2019 and covers the overheads of the Priestess Retreat, and your business cards, online portal development, and all else that is necessary to finalise your training and support your launch.
The final third of your payments will come out of your first classes you teach to the public - post 2019.
The reason the final payment is post your graduation is because this holds both Golden Lotus and the practitioner accountable for stepping into a business model as a practitioner. Without this final step, we do not consider your training with us to be complete, because you have not shown you feel equipped or ready to actualise your teachings, and equally if you are unable to fill your first classes, or something is stopping you from earning with our modality, we want to ensure all of this is smoothed out together, working with you, before we claim that our practitioners are fully activated and out in the world in a sovereign yet supported way; we are not just supporting your growth educationally, but actualising your teaching, helping fill your classes, using our branding and marketing to support your growth, and assisting you to earn from your work as part of our training. Your capacity to receive payment for your service and feel in integrity to earn what you deserve for your gifts is a necessary requirement to be licensed/qualified to teach this work. 

Note: You can also compound the first and second payments into one upfront payment.


stages of level 1 training

If you want to know me, look inside your heart.” - Lao Tzu ✨

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Pre-requisites & Priestess Training

✨The initial stages of your training hold pre-requisites that you have completed Level 1 of Golden Lotus as a student. This can be completed by attending a Level 1 class, by having completed Level 1 through 1:1 mentoring or coaching with our head facilitator, or in the future through our online training. If none of these are an option for you, hosting also provides a beautiful opportunity to merge the completion of our pre-requisites and initial requirements; where woman can learn Level 1, earn commissions to help the payment of your training, and also pre plan to deliver your Golden Lotus ceremony with the Golden Lotus facilitator who joins you, receiving your Priestess status and your pre-requisites during her stay.

For those who have already completed Level 1, or have plans to do so, during your training you also will synthesise one ceremony for Golden Lotus from a synthesis of your knowledge & understanding of Her vibration, and in doing so you contribute to her growth. This is an offering, an assignment, and weaves you into the purpose and the creation of her growth and wealth/richness. This initiation ceremony has to do with your receiving of the work, merged with your innate skills and talents, and the support of our practitioners, to bring your individual spiritual flavour and intelligence into the body of this work. This "Priestess" element of the training has to do with the holding of space, the generation of sacred space, the holding of women in that space, the emotive, and collective, work. The understanding of how to generate an energy portal from your own wisdom and channel and hold a ceremony which is deeply personal for yourself, for the participants, and for the collective. 

Level 1 practitioner training

From June 2019 begins a specific period of training based on the concepts of Golden Lotus Level 1. For this part of the journey you will traverse online content, classes, 1:1 sessions and group mentoring at a pace of your own choosing. You are welcome to move as fast as your calendar allows, and as slow as 1 month for each module. During this process you will be aided, immersed and taught how to both embody, as well as mentally understand and grasp all of the concepts of every element of the Golden Lotus opus, and week by week, month by month you will work on your culminating “thesis” which is due by November 2019. This requirement is to develop, document, and deliver content, or a proprietary course or content block for Golden Lotus. The reason this is considered your “thesis” is because it is here you need to synthesise, complete and integrate what you have learned and what you know so far, and from this content you will teach, receive the payment of the course and finalise the completion of your practitioner training. You will be asked to teach this class to all other Priestess in the training; to perform it, record it, document it, and eventually in time, be available to teach it to other students at trainings in the future.

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level 1 bodywork training

One thing which sets Golden Lotus aside from other modalities working with the jade egg, of yoga, etc. is that the work is strongly based in expertise and bodywork - medical intuitive and diagnostic work which allows us as facilitators to add a new layer to what we can offer each woman individually unfold on her journey. Golden Lotus also has a bodywork modality which all Level 1 teachers should embrace as the financial and community rewards when combining individual 1:1 sessions to help women digest and contextualise the work (usually held at a discounted rate for those attending courses) are exponential. The community is much closer knit, the women have more trust in you, and between one another, and feel more held, seen, and open. This also means that there are additional skills to offer women to traverse their journey even outside of hosting group classes, which can be taxing on the nervous system. The bodywork element we move into during the later elements of the online training, once you understand fully the anatomy, physiology, and principles of the Golden Lotus body of work and can hold yourself and others in that space. At that stage you will be able to perform to learn about and practice basic treatment synthesis before teaching your Level 1 class. As with any usual bodywork training, you will need to perform a certain amount of treatments for your hours, and eventually synthesise your own ceremonial treatment flow - a synthesis of the bodywork, Golden Lotus principles of Priestess work - and present and perform this treatment flow for assessment. In Level 2 you will learn intra-vaginal touch which incorporates Level 1 principles and whole body understanding into a more focused “yoni massage” style of work.


requirements for level 1 practitioner training

✨1 x Golden Lotus Moon Circle or Ceremony - Co-Facilitated (1.5 hours) ✨
✨1 x Golden Lotus Level 1 Course (your “thesis”) (5.5 hours) ✨
✨1 x Golden Lotus Bodywork Treatment Flow (1.5 hours)✨
✨1 x Priestess Retreat / Graduation (4 days) ✨

In addition, you will be evaluated on attendance and completion of all 1:1 mentoring sessions, group sessions, & online modules 
✨6 x 1:1 Sessions (9 hours) ✨
✨3 - 4 x Group Calls (10 hours) ✨
These elements are the deliverables you will be responsible for and graded on. 

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online portal & group involvement

The content will be delivered through an online portal which you will be responsible for keeping up with in your own time. The online content has modules which you can complete in as little as a day, or over a week, or take as long as a month to complete depending on your schedule. Each of these modules will go into depth into the theory of Golden Lotus, the modules, the organs, elements, 8 extras, and energetic anatomy. They will also include modules which are usually related to that organ system or element - worksheets, and a whole host of resources which you can use every week to become an expert in this work and perfectly well versed - and to revisit at any time during your practitioner classes and work in years to come. The modules are:
June 13th: Introduction & Initiation ✨July: Kidney & Du Mai ✨ August: Liver & Dai Mai ✨September: Spleen & Chong Mai ✨October: Lung & Ren Mai ✨November: Heart, Cervix & Chong Mai ✨December: Integration & Actualisation ✨

The final module is also taught in person during our Priestess Retreat for graduation (Nov/Dec 2019) where you receive your ✨Priestess Resources ✨

1:1 mentoring & Group mentoring

As mentioned, during your training, each week you will have a 1:1 personal mentoring session - and provided the group is not split across too many time zones group sessions & group work will also take place, online. The group will move at the pace of a session every 3-4 weeks - the slowest pace. You are welcome to book your 1:1 mentoring session at the end of every module you complete, even if that just takes you one day which you have set aside. The purpose of the mentoring is for your personal integration as well as tutorial purposes and sessions can vary from a study group to a personal coaching session. The aim is ensuring that you feel you are able to integrate the information and wisdom somatically as well as spiritually, emotionally, psychologically and physiologically - and understanding through your own personal experience how this work can affect us unexpectedly, how powerful it is, and how to hold women in that space.

✨Making sure you understood all concepts clearly, and beginning to look at how that particular week will turn up in your final thesis, and making sure you are working bit by bit and structuring your deliverables and understanding, like a study session.
✨Ensuring that anything going on for you personally; psychologically or somatically is being taken care of as this training can be very activating and will clear out an enormous amount of old baggage and completely shift your womb, heart, and energetic alignment.

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your thesis & bodywork delivery

The delivery of your Golden Lotus hour ceremony marks the initiation of being able to synthesise, channel and write content for Golden Lotus; however many of the deeper elements of holding space and being a practitioner are also held and supported by our team in that process. It is an initiation - and holding space completely by yourself, albeit supported by all of the women of the circle and the lineages spiritually and energetically - is a different task - and can be a taxing on one at that. The “thesis” is a body of work you will develop week by week which is your “take” on the Level 1 work, including and incorporating all of the elements of the Golden Lotus which are expected to turn up in a class, but finding your own unique way to hold them together and incorporate your own background into the classes. There have been occasions where a woman’s “thesis” has gone into depth in one element and has been the development of a body of work or a day workshop - such as adrenal fatigue - and you are welcome to present to the head facilitator any changes you would like to make, or specific draws toward topics you may feel during your training. You will eventually, in September or before, be asked to teach this class to all other Priestess in the training; to perform it live, to also record it privately for submission, and to document it in a written format, all of which are necessary for submission, the format of which will make sense as you advance in your work as a practitioner. Similarly, you will need to synthesise your own ceremonial treatment flow - a synthesis of the bodywork, Golden Lotus principles of Priestess work - and present and perform this treatment flow for assessment. As with any usual bodywork training, you will also need to perform a certain amount of treatments for your hours. The final delivery of many of these elements will be in November 2019 during the “Priestess Retreat”.

on completion

✨Support and holding after completion; after completion and during the Priestess retreat you will learn all about and be initiated as part of our platform. Golden Lotus will support you in all business details from branding, business cards, a photoshoot, your booking portal, and a full Golden Lotus profile, etc. as well as resources, documents, and products to hand out during your classes, etc. and you will then be professionally responsible for developing your own (and holding other's) Divine light. Mentorship and ongoing support is provided, integrated and in certain cases necessary, for all women on the platform. We are forming a community, a sisterhood, and our sisters will aid us in our continued professional development and growth; feeling inspired and continually aligned to our own Golden Lotus light inside. 

Therefore this training is a beautiful alchemical mix of so many modalities into the core of Golden Lotus, and the Priestess training as a channel of light which allows you and your future self & work to be a participant in this exquisite intention to change the approach and conversation around female sexuality on the planet. 

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Level 1 qualifications

At current Golden Lotus is NOT a certified training. The reason we focus on up-skilling practitioners is because it bypasses the need to have a certified training which allows our practitioners to receive insurance. We are however in the process of changing that, so that when you do complete the Level One teacher training & bodywork training you are a certified teacher trainer and can register and be insured with the IICT.

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Golden Lotus income

When you complete the level one work you are eligible to begin to apply for alternative forms of income such as writing Level 1 content (this process is dicussed in Nov. 2019), to have clients 1:1 sent to you for online mentoring through our head facilitator, and to apply for paid positions as a “Priestess” for retreats.

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Level 2 eligibility

On completion of becoming a Golden Lotus practitioner and priestess, being able to serve women in a higher capacity, you are now also eligible to begin studying Level 2 work at a practitioner level. Level 2 has a brief introduction in Level 1, but is a deep somatic dive into content which is all intra-vaginal in orientation, exploring our neurobiology, trauma responses, our endocrine system, and our spiritual states cultivated through our sexual awakening.

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