Breast Massage

The level of care, ritual and respect you give to your egg reflects the level of care you give to your practice and your own sexual sovereignty. There are so many different varieties and methods for cleaning the egg which many different experts speak about. The first distinction to make is between the ways to energetically clean and charge your egg versus actual methods to hygienically cleanse and sterilise your jade egg. In this section we will focus on how to actually clean your egg for use with the correct hygiene advice, and how to cleanse the egg energetically, and some guidance on which of these methods overlap. 

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boiling the egg

This common process of boiling your egg is a full sterilisation process which does not differ from sterilising medical instruments - nor actually boiling an egg! For this, simply place the egg in a pot of cold water, and allow the water to boil all around your egg, and just leave it for about 5-10 minutes. This process ensures that all of the bacteria on the egg and any harmful substances will be removed. This is also a fantastic thing to do when you first receive your egg, to ensure anything from the factory where it was carved, etc. is cleaned off; including whoever may have touched the egg before you, in it’s life cycle. You do not need to boil your egg every single time you use it - below are some simpler techniques for day to day use - however boiling your egg once every month or so is a good way to ensure there is nothing growing on the egg, or any bacteria in the hole, or in any minuscule crevices or naturals faults of the stone itself. Jade is a very hard stone and therefore isn’t prone to faults which absorb bacteria, however each of the eggs has a hole drilled into it, and it is possible for bacteria to grow on the surface of your egg if it isn’t washed properly once by mistake, so this is a good method to practice - especially if you haven’t used your egg for a long time.

Steep Your Egg 

Before and after every use of the egg, try steeping the egg as you would a cup of tea; just place the egg in a cup, boil the kettle, and pour the boiling water over the egg. Allow the water to cool, and then remove your egg. This method of cleaning the egg is less labour intensive than boiling the egg for ten minutes over the stove, but still has a good sterilising and cleansing affect, and is quick and easy. The beautiful and most important thing with this method is to ensure the egg cools down fully before inserting it; remembering that your hands cannot feel how hot the egg is in the same way your labia can. Initially, when women are very excited about their jade egg practice, waiting for the egg to cool down can be a perfect space to build the discipline to do warm up practices properly, and be patient with noticing ourselves and our body. Hastiness and impatience is a quality which shows up a lot with jade egg practices, and these qualities can affect us greatly on our spiritual journey. Hastiness and impatience affect the heart - which is reflected by the cervix in these internal jade egg practices - and unecessary pushing towards an expectation or “goal” with a tool such as the egg can result in a build up of energy inside the vaginal canal, or even eventual disruption of the cells on the surface of the cervix with prolonged bypassing of your inner truth, and inner voice. Try to use the time of the egg cooling down as part of your practice, ensuring you are doing your breast massages, tuning in emotionally and sensually to your body’s real needs. Don’t forget that if you have a “no” from your body for using the egg, that is also part of your practice, and the moment you took to engage with your jade egg practice gave you this opportunity to affirm your body’s inner voice, and needs.

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Soaking your Egg & Energetic Cleansing Practices

Jade is forged under immense heat and pressure - and therefore is not affected by hot water - however many women still feel boiling the egg damages the energy of their crystal. If boiling the egg does not feel right to you, you may prefer this method of washing the egg pre and post every use, and then soaking your egg. This method of soaking your egg entails taking some cool water, and adding a few drops of iodine (Betadine), tea tree oil, or Himalayan salt to the water, and allowing that to gently sterilise the egg. When washing your egg with cold water, you will notice that organic materials do not affect the energetic quality of the crystal in a way which compromises it’s integrity. The best way to cleanse the energy of the egg (if you have a particularly large process or bleed one month) is a cold Himalayan salt bath with a candle and prayer or placing the water or a cleansed egg outside underneath the Full Moon. Sage or palo santo can help clear the field around the egg, but water is genuinely the easiest way to clear a crystal’s energy field. If your egg is on your altar, using black tourmaline or other crystals (such as a crystal grid) to charge or protect your egg is a beautiful thing to do. Try to always charge the egg with a soft, glowing, pulsing, and sensual energy - not a high vibration which could cause tension in the vaginal canal, cervix, and ovaries.