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about golden lotus

Golden Lotus is a series of meditations, movement practices and sexual and spiritual energy education modules which cultivate spiritual awakening, sexual activation and embodied sovereignty. We focus on energetic anatomy, cultivating and purifying the body through ancient techniques such as sound meditation, yoga, chi gung, dance, breathwork, jade egg work and other traditional feminine sexual cultivation secrets. This is a space in which you are given permission for the activation of your innermost sensual and spiritual wisdom, allowing you to be free in the expression of your desires, and the reception of your own innate Divinity. 

The concept and philosophy behind Golden Lotus is that every being has the capacity to regulate and generate their own energy, creativity, health, wealth and fertility through simple yet profound cultivation practices and a disciplined but receptive way of approaching one’s spirituality, sexuality, and therefore Self and relationship to divinity or God. In Golden Lotus we recognise that your sensual and sexual nature and relationship to your own emotional intelligence and intimacy is a wondrous and powerful gift to be cultivated, cherished, and honoured.

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Our Services



The retreat format focuses fully on an immersion into Golden Lotus work – a practice and form of feminine embodiment work which incorporates tai chi, qi-gong, somatic exercises, pilates, yoga, birth-work and other movement and breath work skills for women to awaken their bodies. This training has a focus on sexual reflexology, emotional clarity, embodied sovereingty, and teaches a wealth of knowledge regarding how to approach your physicality, sexuality, sensuality, spirituality, and femininity. The retreat holds space, integrity, and permission for the activation your innermost erotic, spiritual, and sensual wisdom.  

The premise we work from is that all women have the capacity to self regulate their own spiritual energy and their health, fertility, cycles etc. if they have the knowledge and the support/guidance to do so. We provide education, resources, tools, and techniques to awaken or enhance that capacity. Level 1 retreats are not explicit, but do encourage the use of the jade egg which is an intra-vaginal tool to tone the vaginal walls and awaken the pelvis. We also focus on clearing the lower body and detoxifying the organ systems through the vaginal membranes, through activating the instinctual intelligence. For more information on upcoming retreats, click here

intimate retreats

Level 2 and Level 3 work becomes more explicit and focuses on the generation of sexual energy into spiritual awareness, sovereignty, integrity, discernment and heightened spiritual experience, which requires discipline and ultimately the purification of one’s spiritual and physical being. Higher energy retreats are shorter (3 days) and require more preparation of the physical body, and the completion of a previous Level 1 course. 

This element of the work focuses on the 3 gates of orgasm, the vaginal and intimate anatomy, and the somatic release of tension, toxins and shame in the pelvic bowl. This work is specifically focused on embodying and reclaiming our most sensual and satisfying realm of mystical existence; our sensual sexual connection to God, our labia, our clitoris, our glands, buttocks, muscles, nervous and tissues of our deep body. For more information on upcoming Level 2 & 3 retreats, the entry process, costing, and availability, click here

practitioner training retreats

Practitioner training retreats are 7 - 10 day retreats to learn how to teach various levels of the Golden Lotus such as Level 1 classes, taster classes, introductory sessions, Moon Circles, educational ceremonies and ultimately retreats, bodywork, and intimate bodywork. There are alternate trainings which takes place one weekend a month over the course of 1 year or 16 months. 

The Golden Lotus practitioner training is for those who feel a calling to being a dedicated member of this team dedicating their time and life to facilitating this important work. For more information, click here

private retreats

Private retreats are 1:1 retreats where the participant or a small number of participants are taken through a specifically tailored series of sessions, bodywork, and deeply intimate and erotic education to learn more about their own body specifically, or perhaps to prepare for birth, address a specific fertility issue, or recover from a traumatic incident, or during their postpartum period. For more information, please enquire through our contact form, or read through our basic hosting information here


private practitioner development

Private practitioner development is a 1:1 tailored approach for women who wish to take the practitioner development and training courses but are unable to attend due to logistical or other reasons, or perhaps wish to undergo a more intimate process. During the private practitioner development training you will learn all of the tenants of this work, and all of the content which will make you eligible to run your own customised Golden Lotus classes; this is a private version of the Practitioner Training customised to you own timeline and resources. 


Private sessions

Private sessions are focused on releasing deep seated traumas and pain, or long term or acute medical issues which can be addressed through this expertise and this body of work. Private sessions are held in person 1:1. This sacred bodywork is an intuitive mixture of deep energetic and emotional work with deep-tissue massage, acupressure and soothing oil massage strokes. A profound release, these bodywork sessions are deeply therapeutic and healing. 

For coaching options and mentoring internationally, please refer to the following options. 

private coaching & therapy 

Private coaching and therapy is available in person or via an online medium for all women who wish to work with the founder or other practitioners directly, using a personalised coaching and mentoring approach, with an application of all of the Golden Lotus methodology and understanding directly customised and tailored to your needs. Private coaching and therapy always requires an established commitment of a certain amount of sessions, and includes a 20 minute free consultation to ensure the practitioner can facilitate bringing about the results you wish to achieve, and your compatibility with this course of coaching & therapy. To find out more about the specifications, eligibility, and pricing, click here to book an exploratory session. 

meditations, Courses & online classes

Golden Lotus work is made up of a series of meditations, a curriculum of courses, classes, and educational lectures. Golden Lotus meditations, the jade-egg portal, our Level 1 classes, and the Level 11 classes are all online under “Courses”. You can purchase these classes and enjoy them at home in the comfort of your living room. If you would you like to stay informed about the release of future series, please join our mailing list.

We also have a series of free resources, including lectures, ebooks, recording, and Q&A sessions which we host on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

If you want more information or to stay connected to us as you choose how you'd like to be involved in the future then join us on Instagram here, or join our mailing list here

Finding Golden Lotus has ushered in the realignment with my cycle and its alignment with the divine feminine cycle. I was able to clear and release what has been an 11 year journey of training in walking as a sacred being.
— Boipelo Matlhare
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All of our retreats for Level 1 work and introductory work include accomodation, course materials, gift bags, jade egg educational materials, manuals and all meals. Students are responsible for their travel to and from the retreat centre destination. 


private sessions

Private sessions are 1:1 intimate explorations for your body, mind and soul. These sessions include intimate massage, speaking, therapy, holding and release. This time is invaluable for personal growth and working with deep issues, and these sessions can only be fulfilled in person - a physical session. 




intimate retreats

All of our intimate retreats for Level 11 & 111 work include accomodation, transportation to the accomodation, all course materials, gift bags, educational materials, and meals. These retreats contain explicit learning content and require utmost discretion and integrity. 


private coaching and therapy

Private therapy, mentoring and coaching ranges in price depending on the degree of customisation. There is a minimum of 3 sessions per purchase, so your package includes 3 sessions over 4-6 weeks, or otherwise customised.




practitioner training retreats

All of our practitioner training retreats for Level 1 work and introductory work include accomodation, course materials, gift bags, jade egg educational materials, manuals and all meals. Students are responsible for their travel to and from the retreat centre destination. 


online courses 

Our online course materials range from meditations, taster classes, to the full 5 week series, exercises, and master classes. Our online shop is available through this portal





If you'd like to contact us, have questions about private sessions with our founder, online coaching sessions, or wish to join our mailer or community to know more about upcoming residential or non residential classes world-wide, please use this form to contact us.