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A circle of women may be the most powerful source known to humanity. If you have one, embrace it. If you need one, seek it. If you find one, for the love of all that is good and holy, dive in, hold on, love it up. Get naked, let them see you, let them hold you. Let your reluctant tears fall. Let yourself rise fierce and love gentle. You will be changed. The very fabric of your being will be altered by this, if you allow it. Please allow it ✨

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hosting a golden lotus event

Do you want to see a Golden Lotus class happening near you? 

We often encounter situations where women want to bring our classes to their community, and over the years a collaborative exchange system has developed. Hosting is a simple system where Golden Lotus will, upon invitation, set up classes or events with our head facilitator in your desired location, provided you are capable of filling the classes with the minimum amount of women.

If you are looking for information about facilitating a Golden Lotus event instead of hosting, below is some information on how this system can contribute towards Golden Lotus practitioner training, and otherwise, email us for more information on Golden Lotus Practitioner Training.

How does the “hosting” system work?

Hosting works by filling out the form below, (or sending an email to us), and giving us an introduction of who you are, how you would like to work with us, where you are interesting in hosting. The following guidelines will help you creatively build a picture of what you’d like to see happening in your desired location, and how Golden Lotus can help you to manifest that vision.

Event Options: 

Weekend: evening talk, 1 full day workshop (Level 1)

Full Week: evening talk & 3 evening intensive w/ 1:1 sessions during the days, and a weekend Level 2 intensive (overnight stay/retreat centre).

Extended Stays/Country Visits: If you happen to have your friends, family and network in multiple cities and would like to arrange an extended visit with multiple cities, 1:1 sessions, 3 evening intensives and any other teaching, you are welcome to approach us with a customised trip for our head facilitator; however irrespective of the time or clients, the commission amounts will remain the same. 
*All event options are customisable.


If the classes are hosted in the home of the host, then they are welcome to attend the sessions for free. If the host arranges the venue at another home, the owner of the home will attend for free the the host will pay, but take home 20% commissions on class enrolments. In other circumstances, local venue suggestions or even co-arrangement is highly appreciated, and will be paid for by Golden Lotus. 

Giftbags/Special Arrangements:

Often women who run centres or circles like to contribute to our bespoke gift-bags or offer us options for local or personal catering, etc. We regularly support local health food shops, who we pay to provide bliss-balls and golden milk at our introductory talks, lunches for day workshops, and so on. As a host, many of these little arrangements are available for curation, including local additions to our Level 1 & 2 gift-bags (we support many small, ethical businesses through ongoing wholesale purchase of products as well as instagram exposure). If you would like to add local partnerships, invite local influencers, or organise & contribute to our offerings this can all be discussed via email and is a standard part of making a truly special, sovereign and magical space for the women involved.

Commission Structures: 

1:1 Private Sessions: 20% of profit of session cost 

Class Enrolments: 20% of profit of class enrolments

10% of any online session bookings

All profits are determined after flight costs, venue costs and housing costs are taken into consideration. Food costs, and additional local costs incurred do not impact commissions and we have an open book policy for transparency. 

Multiple Visits:

Subsequent bookings for visits to pre-established locations with pre-established hosts are done by a case by case basis which is determined by the fluidity & success of the first events. As a guideline, often the host will maintain a 20% commission for multiple visits, depending on their level of involvement logistically. On various occasions we have seen the host will become less involved in the logistical organisation of the event, or even volunteer other hosts from the community, and the commissions will drop down to 15%, 10%, 5% or even 0%. All of these details are negotiated on a case by case basis until a clear or overarching pattern presents itself through the body of the work at which time these guidelines are subject to update or change. 

Disclaimer for Multiple Visits: The commissions we pay never exceed 20%, however this can be split between various parties by us, or by the host as long as it does not generate an unreasonable amount of logistical or organisation work for the Golden Lotus team. 

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