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Golden Lotus Healing Diet…

✨Dear Beautiful Woman of Golden Lotus✨ 

This offers an overview of how I approach diet for this course, and for my own fertility and personal spiritual development. 

 ✨Recommended Diet For Spiritual Awakening and Fertility✨
✨Some Background✨ 
Diet is an indispensable part of the culture and healing path of any spiritual tradition - and techniques of healing through food, cleansing and/or fasting for spiritual purity are as old as spirituality itself. 

The dietary recommendations in this methodology are for those who feel it is appropriate only. Not everyone is in a position to fast or cut down on what they are eating.

I would also like to be clear that the choice to utilise the following diet or not has nothing to do with your "level of ascension" and does not necessarily define what you can achieve - energetically, physically or spiritually - during this Golden Lotus work. Indeed, that is more readily defined by how at ease and free you feel with what your body is asking for.

If - for whatever reason - you feel your intuition, instinct or feelings are unclear to you, or obscured by your current circumstances then please reach out to me in a 1:1 call and I can aid in deciding the best process for you during this activating period. 

✨ The Diet ✨
The fruitarian system - or this cleanse - works in a way which helps to clear your lower body so that you can feel your system - your ovaries, large intestines, lymphatic glands, and reproductive structures more readily during the phase of this work. It alleviates strains on the lymphatic system and any blood issues which may be faced within the structures of the lower body. This diet - and spiritual process of working with fasting and fruiting - (specifically when women engage in it) is really for Motherhood. 

This is not to say necessarily having a child, but spiritual Motherhood on all levels of self holding and self care; to bring things to fruition, and to come into your Mother, Woman, and Goddess energy. This means that it helps you to feel clear, held, and powerful, and that it will aid in helping you sense your egg, and the energetic changes going on inside your body more easily. 

✨The Method ✨
The most desired way to do the diet / cleanse is to spend the period of Golden Lotus work in a juice fast. This is the fastest and most optimal way to integrate all of the work - and should start with epsom salt cleansing, and follow with regular (daily or more) enemas. This should be supplemented with a 36 hour period of dry fasting once a week as well - an "energy day" - so to speak.

The next most desired level of this diet is a solely fruitarian diet, incorporating one day of dry, or juice fasting into the regimen. 

Barring this another method to help increase blood flow and sensitivity is to reduce your meals and stick to a plant-based diet of a few meals a day - such as some tea and fruit in the morning and some light vegetarian food or soup in the evening - and add a day of juice or water fasting into your regimen if you feel to do so. 

After that, simply adopting a plant based diet during this course can be of great help. 

Fruitarian Fasting Technique
To begin with - you will need access to plenty of fresh fruit, fresh juice and (coconut) water during this time. To start the fast, we begin with cleansing the body once a week with a fast for the first 1-2 months of our feminine awakening using this method. This is the perfect support for our program - and our program is the perfect support for this method.  

✨Equipment for Cleansing✨
✨Baking Soda ✨ Sea Salt ✨ Enema Bag* ✨ Epsom Salts*✨
(*available from the pharmacy - get food/medical grade)

On this day, I recommend a light breakfast - and then to exclude the following as soon as possible: 
Food: salt, sugar, fat, meat products, fish/seafood, dairy products, flour, bread, chocolate, confectionery, nuts, seeds, coconut pulp, sauces, spices.
Drinks: coffee, black tea, puer tea, mate, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, juices from stores

Any heat-treated/cooked food is not recommended. 

Medications, supplements and vitamins are also not recommended if you are doing a fruitarian diet. If you are moving to a plant based diet, these are okay. 

Replace those foods which are not recommended with the following: 

Food & Juice: live plant foods, fresh vegetable and fruit juices, coconut water.

This day is preparation for Thursday evening/Friday morning - which is preparation for Saturday & Sunday, leading up to Monday when we begin our classes. 


✨Thursday Evening or Friday Morning ✨

Ingesting Epsom salts cleanses the small intestines and activates the kidneys and the fluid regulation systems in the body - including the lymphatic system and any blockages which may be occurring on this level. 


✨Epsom Salt Elixir✨

Dissolve the epsom salts/magnesium in a glass of warm water (around 45°C) and stir it until it is transparent. Use one teaspoon of epsom salt to every 5kg of your body weight. 

I use about 11 teaspoons - or 4 tablespoons - for myself. 



Epsom salts must be ingested on an empty stomach. 
Do not take the the epsom salts earlier than 5 hours after the last meal. 

Drink the Epsom salts followed by a glass of warm water. You can also drink hot water while you are waiting for the salts to work.  

✨Do this procedure before going to sleep on Thursday✨
✨No later than 5:00-6:00am in the morning on Friday.✨


✨It takes about 2-5 hours before the salts cleansing effect comes✨

Whether going to bed or in the morning, you can lie down, with a warm shawl or a hot pack/hot water bottle around where your liver is, retaining body heat. You can also just do you routine things or go to bed. 

Once you begin cleansing - going to the bathroom that is - its important to drink 1 or 2 cups of warm water (38-40°C) after each episode of purging. When the purge ends completely - which can take anywhere from 5 - 15 trips to the bathroom - continue to drink warm water, adding the lemon juice or other citrus. You can make these tonics as strong as 50% juice and 50% water in proportion as citrus both enhances the water cleaning your body, gives your body additional strength and provides a more rapid feeling of recovery.

On many levels this process can “take it out of you”  (excuse the pun) and leave you feeling a bit weak or worse for wear. It will pass - but be kind and gentle to yourself, and nurture yourself.

✨Cleansing Enema✨

The epsom salts pull a lot of fluid, toxics, and liquids out of your body - but they don’t flush the large intestines. In order to finish the process of cleansing, it’s necessary to give yourself an internal bath after the Epsom Salts. This also calms the nervous system, integrates the experience, relaxes the lower body and the bowels, and feels delightful (for the most part).

 I strongly recommend my method of enema cleansing ritual - which looks like this:

✨Make the enema concoction in a jug of boiling water, and add that to room temperature water. That will make the solution around 36-38 ° C and will ensure that the baking soda and salt is dissolved. Take it into the bathroom with you.

✨Take with you also: candles, music, and a towel for underneath your back.

✨Lie in the tub, hang the enema bag off the shower holder or a nearby towel hook, and let the process be relaxing, meditative, and internal. Do the full procedure (underlined beneath).

I have had some beautiful clarity during enemas. So much of the nervous system is active and relaxed, and it’s a beautiful time for just you to pay attention to you.


✨The Enema Solution✨
 ✨1.5 - 2 litres of water✨1.5 teaspoons of baking soda ✨2 teaspoons of sea salt ✨

Dissolve the baking soda and sea salt in boiling water, and mix with room temperature water to achieve a consistent solution of around 36-38 °C

Lie on your back and use coconut oil to lubricate the anus and about 15 cm of insertion tube, and gently insert the tube at least 10 cm internally. Now release the clamp, allowing the water to enter into the intestines, relax the muscles of the abdomen, and breathe.

The ideal procedure is to do this 3 times - and each time you do it, empty the full enema bag into your bowels, and keep it there for a minimum of 10 minutes. That's 6 litres, and 45 minutes of practice minimum.

So, that’s that; I can’t do that, and I sometimes feel drained if I do. I prefer to use 2 litres (one bag), split into one, two or three seperate flushes, depending how absorptive my body is, and then tidy up. Sometimes, some days I can keep it in for up to 15 minutes, and go into beautiful states, do abdominal massages, and feel great - and other days my body wants it out of me within 3 minutes and isn’t hanging around for me to decide otherwise. Sometimes I do a second bag, or even a third, and regularly I do not.

I don’t push myself - ever. I keep with my pleasure, and my relaxation. I see this as a self care ritual, and I never purposefully make it an unpleasureable experience for myself. Sometimes however cramping is a sign that your body is activating. Just be gentle with yourself.

There is always more water, more enema bags, more coconut oil, more baking soda and salt.

There is just one present moment with your body. Your comfort and your feeling is of the primary significance. As the Taoists say;

✨Move at the pace of the slowest part of you✨

When you are finished - take a hot shower to seal the deal and feel your beautiful body. I like to apply some oil on my wet body and then rinse it with hot water once more, and leave a layer or protection on my skin. Have a cup of warm water, be gentle, and after this procedure you can drink fresh juice.

 If you have a strong desire to eat, try juicy sweet and sour fruits like berries, kiwi, mangosteens, plums, oranges, pomelos, etc. Fruits which have a tart yet fruity sweet flavour. 



If you are looking for a more effective clearing the following week, drink plenty of green apple juice and green juice in your days. The tart flavour of apples - the malic acid - softens all of the mucus in the liver and the body, and green juices aid the liver in cleansing.

✨Friday ✨

I recommend fasting on only juices only for this day. If you feel you need something extra, make sure it’s light such as the aforementioned fruits. Undressed salads, sweet and sour fruit, etc. is preferable, and will make Saturday easier.

Try to enjoy how clear your body may feel, and support it to continue detoxing if that is not the case. Repeat your enemas, relax with warm water, and encourage your body and being. Love her. 

✨At 6pm stop eating, drinking, or taking any water into your mouth or body: no brushing your teeth, washing out your mouth, etc.✨



This is the energy day. This day is full of new experiences. Start it with the gratitude for this moment, nature and your body. 

✨ Try to spend it as actively as you can or your body will let you. It is not uncommon to have difficulty sleeping on Saturday night. The energy is/can be very high. 

✨Try to have solitude, spend this day with yourself. Meditate in silence, observe the sensations in your body, become aware of the roots of your emotions. Observe from where your thoughts come from and where they are directed. 

✨ Try to be in the acceptance of yourself. Do not resist how intense or messy this process can be at times - living and letting go through gratitude, deep breathing, through tears, laughter, songs, will allow everything to come out.
✨Swimming in fresh or salt water and any physical exercises are encouraged.
✨Taking a day nap is a beautiful practice. 

 ✨DO NOT rinse out your mouth, clean your teeth etc. during the entire practice. Don’t let water come inside the absorptive membranes of the mouth - but you can take a cool shower.✨

✨You might face a sleep disturbance at night - if you can not sleep, do not force yourself to sleep… instead relax, breathe, read inspiring books, engage in spiritual practices or creativity.

✨Just feel; don’t push yourself.✨


So, congratulations! You survived 36 hours of dry-fasting.

This day is the most important in the purification process, as now a natural process of getting rid of toxins and impurities starts. You need to really help your body’s cleansing process now with strict observance of the rules. 

✨Start the day - after 6am - with drinking water.✨

Before you take your first sip fill the water with gratitude and reverence. Drink water in small sips, mixing the water with saliva and chewing it.  

Drink it slowly; do not gulp. This is not just your stomach receiving water. All of your glands, your membranes in your mouth, your oesophagus, your whole digestive tract is rebooting to receive a-new. Let them be nourished, acknowledged, and felt. 

Take around 10 minutes at least with this first glass of water - acknowledging the life-giving force of water - and the quality of each of your cells to absorb nourishment. Follow drinking this water with some water with lemon juice.

Once you’ve had about 1 litre of water this morning take an enema

When you dry-fast your cells go into a bit of stress, and start vibrating at a new level. The concept of re-receiving water, juices, ect. is really also a re-awakening of your body and your cells into receiving with purity - so honour that process. It is healing

Once that is done, and you've broken the fast with water and an enema, you can drink coconut water, fresh vegetable and fruit juices - and when you feel a strong desire to eat, start eating.

This day its best you eat only fresh sweet and sour fruits, raw vegetables, and fresh herbs. Some suggestions of supportive foods are as follows: 

Fruits: pomelo, grapefruit, mandarin, orange, dragonfruit, pineapple, tamarind, mangosteen, grated apples, kiwi, and berries. 
Vegetables: carrots, beets, radish, and cabbage all provide additional purification of the intestines from toxins.
Herbs: parsley is the Queen of herbs for detoxing. 
Not recommended for this day: sugar, salt , oil, spices , onions, garlic , coffee , soft drinks , nuts , banana, durian , jackfruit , papaya , avocado .

✨Experience all of the flavours & textures sensually✨

✨ The Rest of the Week ✨
For the rest of the week - keep in mind that you are dedicating yourself to renewing your sensual and primal energies in relationship to receiving in your life. Receiving can mean sexually, energetically, but also orally. So remember that your relationship to femininity and receptivity is from both ends - your beautiful vagina, cervix, and womb, as well as your mouth, your salvia, your water, your food. If your body is asking for something, let her have it, but make sure whatever you do you keep a strong context on pleasure, purification, and a new relationship to receptivity. This should be your guiding core.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and for choosing to dedicate yourself to this process of awakening and grounding your spiritual light into your beautiful physical body. I look forward to sharing this space and this deep work with all of you, and I am - once again - honoured to go on this journey within with all of you.