Heart & Chong Mai Channels

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The Heart and Chong Mai
This module we explore the closing of our beautiful class series in Level 1. The final gateway of this work explores the element of fire, the organ of the heart, and the connection between the cervix, womb, and the heart. The Chong Mai is - in the womb (in utero) - seen to be one of the first cell divides; our first experiences of division. It is the deepest channel in the body.
It is thus that the final class is conceived and given, that we have cleansed, opened, detoxed, and completely aligned all of our organs to receive purity, joy, kindness, beauty and ultimately a joyous and orgasmic, deep and heartfelt receiving by the final end of this course, through the cervix, and into the heart. The cervix is a magnetic entity and is actually connected strongly to the innervation of the lower body through three major nerves. The outer layer of the cervix is also innervated - and this strong innervation means that the cervix has a powerful electro-magnetic field, which we use during this class to transmute all of the energies of the lower body and to re-instate as our protectress to the inner gateway/doorway of our deepest self. We allow our cervix to be inhabited and to transmute energies and breath and ground us down, re-instating our sense of protection, control and sovereignty that our golden gateway to our self is spiritual capable of allowing only the energies for our highest good inside. This is the finalisation of our initiation of the Level 1, and the invitation to come back home to yourself and your trust in this journey and your own inner world once again - or deeper yet. I look forward to sharing this amazing closing of our spiritual growth and with all of you. 

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The Heart Houses The Shen & The Mind ✨
Taoism believes that the heart is a “mind”, the seat of the conscious mind. the heart refines the spirit and then manifests in radiance of the spirit. The heart is known as radiant and shining heart. The nature of the heart governs and exerts authority on all other organs” - Mantak Chia
In Chinese medicine, the Heart is seen to house the Shen, which is considered our consciousness - our human state. In many traditions worldwide, the Heart is seen to be the house of the Self, and true consciousness, and as Medical Science is now finding “the heart's complex intrinsic nervous system, the heart brain, is an intricate network of several types of neurons, neurotransmitters, proteins and support cells, like those found in the brain proper.” (HeartMath). In Chinese characters, the character for heart actually is the same character they use for “mind” - and represents the heart as an empty vessel - to be filled with the intelligent and Divine light and spark of your innate uniqueness. This quality of energy exists in all of us from our conception until our death - the Heart even has a divergent meridian to the eyes, to show the “light” of the Shen in the eyes. This Shen - this quality of Divine fire and spark - this is the potential we all have, the energy we can refine and grow through our conscious engagement with purifying practices, until the Shen is refined and awakening or enlightenment is born in the golden sea of our heart-womb.

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✨ The Chong Mai ✨ 
The Chong Mai is ruled by the Pericardium and the Spleen; the pericardium is used as a medium to engage with the Heart, because in Chinese medicine and Taoism we see that the heart is always protected; indeed even in Western medicine the Heart is immune to many things, including cancer (very rare - the cancer usually having travelled to heart versus starting there. This is also because the heart cells do not divide - the cells you have in your heart are the cells you keep - so strongly is it a representation of the unique quality of the True Self, and our existence and journey on this Earth, in this life. Thus, there is no direct access to the Heart itself, except through the pericardium. The pericardium protects the Heart, and is yin-yang partners with the triple burner - the part of the body which regulates the lower, mid, and upper parts of the body we explore through this course, called “Dan Tien” in Taoism. The triple burner regulates fluid and heat, as well as emotional and fascial release through the body. It represents the principle of intelligent connective tissue - and by extension the pericardium plays a very similar role in regulating for the Heart - protecting it from shock, overly intense emotion, heat, etc. This pairing of the pericardium and the Heart is a similar role the womb as a structure plays in terms of protecting our inner sanctums and conception. The Chong Mai also connects opening of the cervix to the opening of the spiritual heart, as well as facilitates the flow of blood between the pericardium, heart and womb. The Chong Mai is where we grow our spiritual energy, receive our spiritual energy, and store, house, and build our sense of self love and self trust (or intimacy). The strength of this connection of defines our capacity for self love and receiving of the full spiritual self, and thus awakening.  

✨“The nectar of life courses through your body when sexuality is consecrated as a personal practice for spiritual awakening and attunement.” ✨

✨Kaia Ra✨

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The Sea of Blood: Iron, Magnetism, and Spiritual Ascension
“The primary vehicle and repository for iron within the human system is the blood, and so it is critical to purify and keep pure the blood. Women have a natural cycle through loss of blood monthly that eliminates negative iron from their system. Because men do not have an automatic system for this process, they tend suffer more so from the effects of iron overload as well as negatively charged iron. By age 40, a man will typically have twice the iron load of a woman, and will consequently experience twice the rate of diabetes, cancer, heart disease and infections. Bacteria, viruses and fungi all utilize iron as a primary growth factor, so lower iron levels in females protect them from infection. Blood loss is a method for controlling stored iron levels, and so full grown men, or women who no longer control iron via monthly blood loss, who regularly donate blood are healthier.” - Shaykh Nurjan Mirahmadi
The iron in our blood has the capacity to be charged, like all iron, into a magnet, when it is exposed to a strong electrical battery or current. The current between the cervix and the Heart provides a charge, which allows for the “Sea of Blood” (Chong Mai) to build energy up, and store charge. Within this knowledge also lies the secrets of why women, in Taoist, recycle their menstrual blood, in order to maintain the charge of their inner world. As we charge our inner world with this magnetism, we grow our feminine spiritual power to affect the external world through our internal world - which in terms of mystical feminine practices means to follow our own internal principle to the point of rearranging, manifesting or magnetising our external circumstances. This quality is what we grow as we charge the space of our deepest Self Love and Self Trust (the iron in the blood of the Chong Mai channel) with the pure love energy radiating from bioelectric fields of the Heart & Cervix.


The Radiant , Tantric, and Electric Heart
“The heart generates a strong electromagnetic field within and around the body. The electrical field is shaped like a donut, or torus, similar to the bio magnetic field of the human aura, and the geomagnetic field of the Earth. When we feel love and compassion, the heart will radiate and shine to all of the cells of the body and radiate out to people around us…” - Mantak Chia
Our heart has a strong electromagnetic field - which pumps out communication of pheromonal energy and electro-magnetic emotional energy as well. We have the capacity to work on and refine the coherence of our Heart field - which is related to emotions of Truth, Love, Focus, and compassion. In many traditions there is a concept of 7 layers of the heart; this is true of Sufism, in Taoism, and in certain traditions around the layers and levels of the womb consciousness as well. In Sufism these are seen to be about seven different states of Reality, and it is said that Heaven and Earth and the Quran all share these 7 layers of Reality. We know from geography and studies of the stratosphere that there are 7 layers of the Earth and the Heavens, and even in Taoism, it is said that “the heart fibres are bundled into seven layers which generate seven electromagnetic fields and seven states of compassion energy” (Love, Appreciation, Gratitude, Thankfulness, Kindness, Gentleness, Compassion). From this we can discern a universal truth around the energy of the Heart, around the core of our Being, and all of existence on this planet.
“The heart’s electromagnetic field - by far the most powerful rhythmic field produced by the human body - not only envelops every cell of the body but also extends out in all directions into the space around us. The cardiac field can be measured several feet away from the body…” - HeartMath Institute

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Kwan Yin, Li, and Ling
The Heart relates to fire - or Li - which merges with the water (Kan) of the lower body in alchemical practices, to release a quality of refinement and Compassion - which is exemplified in the Goddess Kwan Yin.
"The Shen spirit has a special relationship to the element of fire. In the I Ching, we read that li, fire, relates to the sun… and is the divine substance that protects us against evil forces." - Lorie Eve Dechar
This is related to the magnetic, spiritual qualities of the blood and the iron, and releases a special nectar from the heart. As we explored the compassionate anger of Kali in the week of the Hun, this week relates to the pouring of platinum gold - the honey of the heart - which pours down from the back of the heart, to the womb, nourishing the body and generating a field of deep sisterhood and connection radiating from women who have found their Divine calling and passion. This is the second archetypal “compassion” energy we explore in Golden Lotus - the golden compassion which radiates from the heart, and is the true essence of Kwan Yin. Kwan Yin has softer energy of the compassionate alchemy between the heart and the womb, and her lessons are a softer lesson about having compassion for those who do not understand the ways of the mystery. Her presences is strongly felt from the spleen, lung and heart connection.
Ling is the word for mystical rain water - the silvery elements of the moon on the water - the yin elements of xhi. Kan, from Kan & Li practices, means water. Ling is a more mystical quality of yin like substances - it is like a refined water - a luminous silvery mercury. It is, in this instance, the Moon, reflecting the ignited sun of the Shen - the fire, Li.
“Breathe this underworld fire upwards, up through the pelvis and the solar plexus. When it reaches the heart, feel the luminous yin fire of the zhi spirit mingle with the radiant yang light of the shen. As you breathe into the heart, feel the light pour in from above and below. As upper and lower lights mingle, you will feel subtle streams of pleasure radiate from the heart and fill your entire body. Compassion and love pour through you as you continue to breathe the two lights into your heart. You and now experiencing the sacred union, the alchemical marriage of yin and yang. Let the dance of this union continue as you open your eyes and let the light of the Five Spirits shine from your heart outward to the world.” - Lorie Eve Dechar.


✨"The true alchemical transformation of the Shen occurs - what the Taoists referred to as the “birth of the golden flower” - when the heavily light of spirit rises up from matter as a flower: the enlightened soul of the sage.”✨
✨Lorie Eve Dechar✨