Kidney & Du Mai Channels

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Du Mai Practice - Spinal Undulation ✨  
We spend the first part of the course embodying and understanding the first sequence in the Golden Lotus work; the Du Mai movement. This is a very simple movement of spinal undulation which opens a series of points within the spine. Each of the points is one state and station of energy in the beautiful “Sea of Marrow” - or Du Mai meridian. When practiced as a fluid motion, this begins an orgasmic orbit which later - provided we keep this undulation of the spine moving - leads to orgasmic states of full body pleasure. This movement opens and releases the spinal channel - the Sea of Marrow. This means the upward breath and movement of the spine has a bearing on the marrow of the body, including the lymphocytes and blood creation. This is some of the deepest healing we can give our body, and in creating this pumping action of the sacrum, energy and breath, we invite regeneration of the endocrine system, the nervous system, as well as the marrow and bones. So in tandem with the Kidneys, here we are speaking to the deepest levels of the body - when inviting energy into the Du Mai. 

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✨ The Du Mai, Governing Channel or Sea of Marrow ✨ 
This channel we open is the most yang channel of the body - the Du Mai, or Governing Channel which can help us integrate and re-structure our body and nervous system. It also helps us integrate after overly emotive states or large activations of energy, cultivating the drying fire of the body to ground the Yin and nourish the blood with spiritual energy and light. In addition it aids our practice by helping to relinquish all of our thoughts and control, and replacing that with limbic system (lower brain) activation, stimulation and integration. This first practices is one to come back to again and again. It teaches us how to safely draw fire from the ovaries and activation and heat, anger and emotions into the body and form honey - to come back to our own sovereignty and beauty, and to keep our spine open for more and more sensation and integration. Once we are done with each of the points we have opened, you will notice we open a golden light in the pineal or third eye point, and we gaze into the heart and thyroid, and spill into the thymus and the heart with loving radiant light. We blossom here, and bring this down the body, and we draw light up the thighs, the pelvic bowl, and into the light in our chest. It is only once we have felt the energy of this cycle, and made contact with the golden light of the marrow and the lymphatic system that we can and should move onto to opening and engaging in the rest of our practice. 

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Foundations and Higher States of Energy Concentration ✨
If I were to say that this one movement is the single most powerful practice in the Level 1 of Golden Lotus, it would not be a lie. There are so many levels of orgasmic light and spiritual sensation which can be made from this integration of movement, so much deep breath, relaxation and restoration, that this movement cannot be overlooked. This motion’s comfortable execution marks the start of all major practice later, including multi orgasmic bodily states, and achieving high stages of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gate orgasm cycles, as well as advanced practices of internal throat orgasm, breast, heart orgasm, and brain orgasm, and working with recycling the menstrual energy. It also teaches us how to hold high levels of energy without over heating our body, irregularly stopping our menstrual cycle, or becoming explosive, angry, activated and unregulated, etc. This “honey cycle” of blossoming flowers in the spine is the beginning of all of the body of beauty this work offers. 

Remember to enjoy it, to feel it beautifully, to feel sensual and Goddess like in your movements, to feel juicy, and most of all, to feel all of the beauty of you. 

✨A woman's hips are intoxicating. A woman in her Shakti flow can't help but sway and undulate as she moves. It's natural. It's beautiful. But so many of us got conditioned to hide our femininity, to walk like men, straight and linear, stay focused and just get from point A to point B. Try it out. Saunter. Allow your hips and belly, center of feminine power, to move as She will.✨

✨Lisa Schrader✨

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The Kidneys Vaginal Reflexology
This first vaginal reflex zone is related to the Kidneys and it governs the deepest marrow of the body - like the Du Mai - and it also governs the opening of the vaginal canal. It's element is Water - the basis of all life - and it is associated to deep security, fear, survival needs, instinct, and foundational support for your existence. Congenital diseases, or diseases of the bones and marrows are seen to be related to the Kidneys - and the Kidneys are said to feed all of the other organs of the body.  Give time to your Kidneys by either lying in the Closing The Lotus position (lying on your right hand side, with your right hand under your right ear and with your left hand over your vagina) or by holding your Kidneys and seeing Golden Light spill into your kidneys, nourish your adrenals and heart, and then pour down into your bladder, and nourish the opening of the vagina and your vaginal canal. The Kidney's energy, strength, and integrity determines our sense of safety, and security, in our No. When receiving the egg, we should clear and energise the entrance of vagina, and release any fear and blockages there before we allow the egg to be received inside. 
The exercise for kidneys with the jade egg is not to insert it, but instead to hold it against the opening of your vagina, and listen to whether your body is a yes, or a no; a soft yield and invitation, or a push against the internal initiation.


Recontextualising Orgasm & Goal Orientation ✨
If we consider every part of our bodily sensation some element of orgasm - by which I mean a sensation which reminds us of our ultimate connection to life - be it pleasure or pain - we can extend these principles well away from sexual arousal and into spiritual-sensual states, the following of which allows us to deepen into the mysteries of our body and existence. We are not just capable of, but made to experience a near constant state of pleasurable sensations from within our inner and outer world which keep us engaged and enlivened by the act of being touched by God, pleasure, and your Highest Self, in every moment. We explore more of this in the Spleen week. For now - as a foundation, remember that opening the sacrum helps our body feel light and weightless, and having a stiff and closed sacrum results in a feeling of heaviness in the lower body, so really try to feel what is stopping - if anything - your sacrum for being able to effortlessly float and activate these nerves endings from your sacrum, uterus, ovaries, sexuality, and pelvic brain, to your lower brain and the integration of your upper and lower brain. From here it’s a just one simple practice for receiving the embodied caress from the light of where you came.  You are made of stars. You are the light. 

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Traditional Taoist Wisdom: The Orgasmic Upward Draw, Inner Smile and Microcosmic Orbit ✨

In Taoism this exercise is related to - but is not the actual practice of - the “Orgasmic Upward Draw” about which the following is written: 

"In this practice all of the chi and the hormones activated and released during sexual arousal are recaptured and circulated throughout the body. This shifts the orgasmic experience from a localised genital “outward pour” orgasm to a total-body “inward pull” orgasm. The inward-pull orgasm is more intense, blissful, and longer lasting. It enlivens and nourishes every system of the body, especially the brain, sensory organs, nervous system, and internal organs and glands.” 
✨ Mantak Chia ✨ 

This practice is not the complete upward draw, however practicing this will easily make you capable of not just upward drawing your orgasm, but cycling upward all of your energy, emotional states, or hormonal releases for transmutation and powerful manifestation/integration.


"It is the Taoists' belief that human flesh is formed from the fallen cosmic dust of the universe, just as is suggested in the Bible. These particles nourish the mind and the essences of all of the internal organs, glands, and sense within this physical dimension."  
✨ Mantak Chia ✨


Points upon the Golden Vine of Blossoming Light ✨ 
Points along this trajectory are known well in the Taoist tradition - and listed below. In this practice we blossom each one into a golden flower.  The wisdom of the golden light blossoming is similar to that of the Inner Smile wisdom - one of the primary Taoist practices used to cultivate virtuous joy and ease of being, and to expand the fascia, and allow the body to release contractions which occur on a cellular, glandular and fascial level related with negative emotions such as lack, fear, anger, anxiety and worry. In the Golden Lotus this practice is rewoven to experiencing a billowing, blossoming golden flower enjoyably opening and sensualising your body, your glands, your nervous system, and your lymphatic system. This is in keeping with the visual and florid and beautiful nature of the Taoist wisdom, but allows for more opening, and release, as we see and feel feminine life force unwinding and opening us. The experience is more orgasmic, and less confined to singular fascial areas, and invites the awakening of self love and revealing yourself in beauty.

The Inner Smile I love and have a great deal of experience with - however the Golden Lotus work downloaded itself into me when I experienced internally the blossoming for the first time of my right ovary and the base of my spine, orgasmically, as a release. I knew the capacity to be taken over by wherever the tendrils lead - and to allow and dance with their spiritually cultivating states was showing me how to carve and leave a space in the feminine body which would weave more than a direction of the mind. 

✨ 1) The Tailbone; Kidney point on the feet, up the legs, and/or into the Kidney vaginal reflex zone - the perineum, tailbone, and base of the pelvis. 

✨ 2) The Sacrum; the triangular bone at the base of your spine between your hip bones - as the commander and foundation of the spinal pump, marrow and bones. 

✨ 3) The Ming Men; the Gate of Life - the deepest organ system commanding the marrow and bones. 

✨ 4) The Kidneys & Adrenals; this point sits above your kidneys, in your spine just below the ribcage (vertebrae T11). 

✨ 5) The Wing Point; this point sits between your shoulder blades. Opening your Wings and blossoming golden light through your rib cage to your thymus (gland on your sternum, above your heart) and your heart. 

✨ 6) The Back of the Neck; Where your neck and your shoulders meet - expand here and release tension from your throat, thyroid shoulders, and chest. 

✨ 7) The Occiput/Cranial Point; The Jade Pillow - the hollow at the base of skull where your head meets your neck. This is a very powerful point also known as the God Mouth. Allow energy to pour in and nourish you here, relax your head, your brain, and see envision your brain stem having a deep, relaxing release. 

✨ 8) The Crown Point; Opening the crown / top of the head, bring light here and let it spill inside your skull, and fill your mind with Golden Light. 

✨Pouring into the Third Eye/Pineal Gland; staring inside to your mind, and seeing the crown light gathering, pouring and swirling around behind the mid-eyebrow/third eye. 

✨ Spilling Down the Front ✨ 
Bring the energy down front of the body - smiling into the eyes, connecting your tongue at the roof of your mouth behind your teeth - at the palate - and feel this golden light flowing and shining down into your heart.

Be aware of the heart giving forth a pure and fresh fragrance like a flower, and open the palms and fingers outward like flowers blossoming and opening. Feel the cosmic golden light mixing in the mouth and the golden cord connecting the mouth to the heart.
Smell the sweet fragrance of love, purity, joy and happiness radiating from the heart.

Now breathing in golden light into the mind, the mouth and the heart, take your hands to your jaw and throat, and calling in this golden light, mixing it with saliva, welcome that elixir into your body. Let the golden light fill your mouth, nourish your gums, and heal your salivary glands. Enjoy a sensual movement of rolling your tongue around in your mouth and gather saliva infused with golden light. Swallow the saliva down - and trace it with your palms, and then spinal that down into the navel, or receive it into the heart.
Feel - as you drink the elixir down - that you are letting that golden light physically come down through the throat, then into the chest, the spleen (next to your stomach), into the intestines, the whole belly, swelling and spilling gold - all the way through your pelvic bowl. Feel it overflow, connecting back to the sacrum again.

Now feel the pump slowly moving it back up your spine. Feel the movement up the spine, and the downward pour of energy from the crown to the third eye, down the front of your body. 

In Taoism this route is called the Microcosmic Orbit, and it is a route or pathway of energy which nourishes and connects every cell in the body to our spiritual and divine roots. Each point on this microcosmic orbit connects us back to the Universe, to constellations, to the stars from which we came. See this starry light in your Heart expand, and glow through your breasts. Feel your breasts awaken to this light. 

Massage the breasts in this golden state. 

Allow this deep loving cycle to open your breasts, your ovaries, and balance the glands in your body all the way from your mind down your throat, heart, to your ovaries, and your clitoris, and nourishing and swirling all around the entrance of your vaginal canal; the reflex zone of the Kidneys.