Liver & Dai Mai Channels

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The Liver ✨  
We explore the Liver in this class. The liver's colour is green, it's element is wood (roots and spring/growing leaves) it governs not the opening of the vaginal canal, but one seat higher. It is responsible for the healthy grounding of our energy into the Earth - and it governs our eyes, which are the gateway to our Soul. It governs our Soul purpose and how we see, direct, and walk our path on this Earth; vision, direction, purpose. The name of the game with the Liver is direction, purpose, and grounding. Self responsibility, self reliability in walking our path. When this energy is correctly channeled it becomes direction, creativity and purpose; also health, dynamism and growth. When it is incorrectly channeled or stuck, it becomes destructive tendency, tightness, un-grounding or uprooting - like wayward roots of a tree.  The mixture of the protective element of holding from the Dai Mai and the directive energy of the Liver makes for a powerful week of re-aligning, detoxifying, and releasing any things or patterns we do not need, out of our system - and recalling our own protection, path, and beauty within. 

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The Liver & Sisterhood ✨  
The liver relates to the eyes, and whether we do a partner based eye gazing, staring eyes of another woman and sending her beautifully on her path, or a personal practice of offering that same gentleness to ourselves, the recognition of kindness, and a gentle, yet focused gaze into the heart of yourself and other women in sisterhood is a fundamental element of the Liver practice. The Liver has a big impact on the heart of Sisterhood, and how we relate to other’s on their path, which has to do with how we project our energy, and whether those projections are hurtful, jealous, and judgemental, or whether those projections inspire ourselves and others to be their best selves, as mirrors for our own journey. To heal the deep wounds of sisterhood we must address the unconscious betrayal, jealousy, and wounding which stands in the way of sisterhood. The Liver is the most important organ for these emotions, because when it is relaxed and channelled it unbinds the chest; it releases the heart, the lungs, so we can feel, breath and hold space for others, and it releases the spleen, meaning our capacity to receive nourishment and feminine energy/sisterhood/Mothering.

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The Liver Practices
The Liver physiologically governs the grounding of our blood during menstruation, the grounding of our digestive tract to move food downward and outward, and the grounding of pleasure and sensation through the genitals and downward. In many ways the Liver is responsible for directing all the organs and the energy in the body - and is often called the General or Director of the body in Chinese medicine. This is because of the capacity to move the Soul’s energy and the enlivening element of our sexual/spiritual energy through our body to generate health, healing, cleansing and beauty, as well as generate and organise our desires and visions into focused plans and action. The Liver channel is supported with powerful movements which open the base of the body, descend, ground, and vision energy outwards - like Kali, putting her foot down, with her powers of compassion and creation. A goddess squat with hands in prayer position, allows us to stretch into our somatic strength, receive support and breath through our body, and send energy out of the feet and vagina. A strong rooting chi-gung exercise nourishes and cleans the liver, pushing our anger, stuck-ness, negativity through our vagina and our large toes, and giving it back to the Earth to make space for our powerful, focused, visioning soul to move through us. We become deeply connected.


"In human beings, the hun represent the psychological faculty of vision, imgination, clear direction, and the capacity for justice. They endow us with the ability to discern our path, stay clear on our direction, imagine possibilities, move forward toward our goals and take a stand for what we believe is right."
✨ Lorie Eve Dechar ✨

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The Dai Mai 
We also move onto a new channel of the 8 extra vessels, called the Dai Mai. The Dai Mai connects to the Liver meridian via it's connection to the Gall Bladder - the yang partner organ of the Liver - and it runs around our hips like a belt. It separates and governs the upper and lower division around our hips and pelvis, and is the only vessel which runs around the body, not up and down, therefore holding the other vessels in like a belt. While the Dai Mai is the belt which protects us, in reality it helps us expand all of our protective layers. The Dai Mai governs all of the places where we surrogate energy for others; where our energy isn't strong enough or assertive enough to protect us from dis-ease and distress, whether it is sickness, or from leaking our energy and issues, taking the energy and issues of others on, or other matters of containment. We strengthen and assert the spiralling energy of the Dai Mai with a beautiful pearl exercise generating a golden pearlescent orb to nourish and weave our golden field, creating a cleansing spiral/vortex and protective egg around us.  


The Dai Mai Practices ✨
The Dai Mai practice we do is a dance-like rotation of the hips with a pearl of chi. After the standing chi-gung or lying down, begin to gather chi at the navel. Begin to form a beautiful pearl of golden white energy, and see her just underneath your navel. Now rotate her to the LEFT around your skin, around your hips. Roll her around your navel at the level of your navel, and around the kidney point on your spine. After around 6 rotations, knock her up with a little thrust - - to your solar plexus and spiral her around here, touching the adrenal point in the spine as she passes by. As she moves around your body, see a golden tail of light, as though she is weaving you a cosmic protection - an egg of light. After 6 rotations of your waist, move up to your heart and rotate your chest, your ribs, and the wing point at the back of your heart. Moving up, rotate the pearl around your neck, where it meets the shoulders. Feel her presence and light melting tension in your C7 point, your thyroid, opening you, treating you with the relaxation of this exquisite golden light. Move her upwards and roll her all around your jaw, your saliva glands and lymph nodes - receiving nourishment here and in the back of your head - opening to her presence and light. Finally move her up to your crown, connecting you to a stream of golden light, pouring down this beautiful spiralling egg of protective light you have made. Now spiral the pearl down to the right, through all the same points, and then past the navel, to the perineum - between the vagina and the anus, and then right down around your legs, beneath your feet - connecting you now with the centre of the Earth.

Once you have received nourishment from the Earth through your feet, bring her back up your body spiralling to the left. Spiral her around your vaginal canal and invite her inside your canal, and let her expand and send light to your reflex zones, and your cervix. Then send her outwards again, and send light to your clitoris - and see her as a pearl. You can place the pearl at your perineum, the edge of your cervix inside, or the clitoris or under the navel - wherever feels the most nourishing and safe for you - until you begin to call on her energy once again. 

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Foundations for Future Practices
The Taoists talk about the import for grounding and detoxification and direction of the soul like this:

"All these practices require one to learn to ground oneself and to conserve, balance, and transform the various types of Chi inherent in the body, including emotional and sexual energy, before trying to manage large amounts of Chi... without grounding, the practitioner may experience many negative side effects from the energy practices."
✨ Mantak Chia ✨

All this really means to say is that without the capacity to detoxify and channel everything which comes our way on this journey - and to protect our energy through the Dai Mai - we are subject to our magnetism attracting other people's energy and experiences to amplify our own patterns as well as beautiful things our way.  This is part of what it means to protect oneself, and have the capacity to use breath and sound and awareness (and vision) for Detox. It allows us to move through these feelings.


"The hun are also the spirit of the wood, the potent directionality of the tree branches reaching toward the light, the strength of the tree trunks swaying with the wind yet steadily holding their own ground."  
✨Lorie Eve Dechar✨