Lung & ren Mai Channels

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✨ The Lung and Ren Mai ✨  
This module we explore the Lung and the Ren Mai. This is the cleansing and reception of the Self, and paves the way for deep entrance into the Heart. The lung sits just before the Heart, and root into the Spleen - a perfect segue from week 3 to week 5 - from the centre of our being, into our Heart palace. The lungs protect the Heart - making sure that everything is clean and clear for us, to ensure that everything we are receiving, as we move into our inner most spiritual home, is pure and light. The lungs root in the spleen and solar plexus. The lungs expand, inspire, and express our (Earth/Spleen) Self.  The lung meridian begins in the solar plexus and moves down, all the way to ovaries, and as we draw in endless inspiration and inhalation of our deepest spiritual self, we should feel a sense of how our desire and pleasure is geared towards actively receiving ourselves. As we fill up from this space, the ovaries overflow into the large intestines, which then fill up with golden light, and receive nourishment, and then fill all the way to the top, touching the kidneys, filling the kidneys, the adrenals, and then as we work with this breath we feel the kidneys anchor and "catch" our breath, drawing our lungs downward and filling them from the bottom up. 

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Emotional Release ✨
The lungs are associated to Courage - and in this case we are talking about the Courage to draw in, to experience yourself in the deepest form - to go into your depth, to inhabit, and to be true your true self, and true to yourself. We mean the Courage of the journey it takes to unbind any places you have held your breath, restricted your expression, or felt rejected.  It's about purifying any old stories, or anything which is stopping us from inspiring a-new. The negative emotional associations of the lung are grief, nostalgia, and a sense of being bound or constricted. During this element we release our whole rib cage, and purify our breath, and expand and balance our organ sequences, and clear space in the lower and mid bodies, readying ourselves to move into the Sacred Heart Palace, and giving ourselves an ignited aliveness through balancing the elements of Earth, Metal, and Water, and making a clear pathway for our energy and breath to fall into.

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✨ The Ren Mai, Sea of Chi ✨ 
The Ren Mai is known as the Conception Vessel, or the Mother Vessel, and runs up the front of the body - contrasted by the Du Mai up the spine, also known as the Father Vessel. This Cosmic Mother energy has variations of manifestation, and is not the same as that physical and vibrational Mother we find through the Spleen and Earth element. Rather, this is a more energetic Mothering of the emotions - of grief and loneliness - of disconnection and nostalgia - of the emotional spheres, helping and holding us to traverse our emotions so we can grow. but is is activated by weaving the breath through the solar plexus, into our lower body, then anchoring the breath in the Kidneys. The Ren Mai point is opened when we receive the inspiration of the Self; anchored by the Zhi and the Kidneys. Here we are animating the Self through anchoring into our deepest physical existence through the Kidneys, ruling the pelvic bowl, our primordial Waters - our instinct, and our Will. This relationship speaks to the fact that the Ren Mai is opened by points on the Kidney and the Lung meridian, and in the 5 element sequences such as the generating cycle, Metal (the element of the lung and large intestine) generates Water - while Earth is the root of Metal. Therefore, Metal, or the Lung/Large Intestines, becomes a middle ground between the animation of the Earth/Spleen/Self, and the balance and grounding of the Water/Kidneys/surrender into our existence. This connection is easily understood physiologically through the pivot of the kidneys in the back of the rib cage and diaphragm, and the solar plexus/spleen & stomach in the front - the regulator between all of these organs being the descent of the breath, the pump of the thoracic diaphragm which animates and regulates all of these functions - and needs to be grounded in order to do so. Therefore, in balancing and regulating the Ren Mai and these elements we focus on one special connecting point of the Ren Mai called Jiu Wei - or Turtledove Tail in the middle of the body, underneath the sternum. This special point helps the Lung chi descend the the solar plexus, into the Kidneys and abdomen, and in doing so it unbinds and opens the chest, to generate space in the Heart. It releases the breath, opens the chest, and by descending energy, activates the lower body.

✨The po spirit is closely related to the jing, the essences, the yin, ungraspable, quintessential life substance of the earth that supports the vitality of all living organisms. The po are created from the essences of the parents at conception, and from conception to birth the po direct the creation of the physical structures of the body, which are constructed from the essences of the mother… As the hun and shen are guided by the golden radiance of the stars, the spiritual light of the heaven, the po and zhi are guided by the silver luminosity of the essences, the spiritual light of the Earth [and moon].”✨

✨Lorie Eve Dechar✨