Spleen & Chong Mai Channels

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The Spleen As A Vibratory Centre ✨  
The Spleen is our connection to our centre, our Self, our Mother, and our Earth. This is a complex, but perfectly related and relatable pattern when seen in the entirety of our physiological, energetic and spiritual cosmology. The Spleen is the mid-point in Level 1 of our course, in our body, and in the cosmological cycle of Chinese 5 Element theory. The Spleen governs the centre of our body - our solar plexus, and as such is a way-shower for the adage “as above, so below” because it represents the balance or the meeting points of this principle within our body and our Self. The original maxim from the laws of Hermetic philosophy state: “As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…” Hermes Trismegistus
This law states that which exists on one plane is always mirrored on others - just how resonance behaves in music, when if a note is played in one pitch, that same note will resonate and sing on other frequencies. Indeed this law of vibrational resonance is an important part of the teaching of the Spleen’s wisdom and our self-realisation, both somatically and energetically.

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The Spleen & The Mother ✨  
In Chinese Medicine the Spleen is the Earth element - which represents food, and nourishment, and as such, the Spleen rules our lips, mouth, stomach, pancreas, spleen, and our whole digestive track. The Spleen also rules the lymphatic system, touch, and our grounded sense of Self - which is determined by our first experience with our Mother. Our first experiences of Self and receptivity are defined when we are a baby - and as a blank canvas, we model the way we embody and inhabit ourselves physically and emotionally via our Mother. We understand embodiment through presence and touch, and we learn how to receive nourishment (on all levels) through breastfeeding & our Mother’s milk. Our connection to touch and breastfeeding when little defines our unconscious relationship to receiving love and nourishment for the rest of our life - until we choose to, or work to, redefine and reclaim this. Our experience of breastfeeding - whether it was sweet, bitter, sour, loving, easy, hard, pleasurable or painful, determines unconsciously how safe we feel in that process of receiving nourishment for the rest of our lives - and therefore how safe we feel being embodied and contained in our skin and our physical body - our Earth element. During this Spleen module we seek to correct some of the initial patterns, somatically, related to sucking, to nervousness, anxiety, worry and pensiveness which develop and manifest in the Solar Plexus when we don’t feel we can receive nourishment easily, and we look at inversing this process so that we feel supported from Mother Earth below (in the pelvis), as well as from our Self Mothering principle above (in the jaw and mouth). These simple exercises can heal and release enormous tensions related to Mother wounding - and can help release anxiety based issues which easily manifest when both the Kidneys and the Spleen (solar plexus) fear for their survival, or their basic needs to be met.

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The Spleen & Immunology
If our first experiences of receiving involve us needing to effort, work, or struggle, it impacts how we contains our energy, and if we energetically feel the need to leave our body for our needs to be met, and to receive. This sense of energetic containment has a bearing on our lymphatic system similarly ruled by the Spleen. The lymphatic system's capacity and function is also defined by the quality of touch received as a baby. This initial sense of "holding", containment and care from the Mother defines also our somatic sense of "Self" and being in this body, on this Earth, and in our skin. The lymphatic system has a strong connection to the breastfeeding stage, as breastfeeding activates the cranial and sacral pumps through relaxed, sucking motions of the jaw which affect the back of the head - and these pumps in turn activate our lymphatic flow. Other than a few, mostly subtle, pumps in our body, the lymphatic system is a passive system, with no valves like the Heart, and so the movement of our lymphatic fluid is influenced by how our skin tone evolves - which is dependent on how we receive touch as a baby. The immune system and the grounding sense of Self develop simultaneously - vitally informed by our “Earthing” process when little. How strongly the Spleen system develops informs the borders between Self and “other” on all levels from the emotional, psychological, and even the pathogenic - including internal, auto-immune issues. In many traditional cultures babies are wrapped or bound, or constantly given touch and holding by one or another member of the family or community - this is to ensure their spirit learns to stay in their body, because this binding and touch let’s us understand ourselves, our limits, the boundaries of our body, and inside our skin.


“There is one star that all of humanity have in common. It is the Incarnational star that determines our incarnation into the physical plane. This star sits within the golden area of the body – just above the navel and a little way inside. It is at the point of the first cell. Within that first cell is all of the potential for the whole of the being we are yet to be.”
✨ Aura Soma ✨

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Mother As Earth & The Centre of Self
In Chinese Medicine the Spleen’s element is Earth, and in one variation of 5 element theory (the cosmological sequence) the Earth element sits in the middle of all other elements, as the centre point for all elements. Earth as an element represents the grounding body from which all life on the planet has come from, and she who nourishes all life and gives us our form. Just as our biological Mother gives us the cells of our body, growing us in her uterus, Mother Earth provides all of us our bodies, and all life on Earth is made from this great mother. The frequency of Mother Earth can heal and activate our radiant Self, through resonance, and among the healing Earth frequencies (Schumann Resonances) which balance our being, the golden frequency of human orgasm (the same as Christ Consciousness) is listed (33hz) - representing how, as we work to purify our physiology we return home to our true Centre and Self - our Earth - in resonance with Mother Earth. This is where we reach a state of true bliss, balance and awakening. The practices we do this week are about correcting how we define Mother, receiving nourishment, and understanding that the connection from our mouth and receiving above, is also mirrored in our lower bodies, and receiving below, and that we need both Self Mothering and Self Love, as well as the support of deep, Cosmic love to realise our aim. The Solar Plexus is the shared mid-point of these energies gathering in the body - as defined by multiple traditions, including Western Medicine, and houses “the Incarnational Star within the Golden area of the body which then brings the possibility of activating the hologram. Giving our attention to the Star within helps us to become grounded, centered and more conscious. As the Golden area contains the gifts of our wisdom, the more we can focus our attention there, the more we can access these gifts and then we can come to the heart in the right way, through the wisdom of the Gold.” - Aura Soma.


The Spleen As The Seat of The Soul
This week is about correcting a sense of how we define Mother, receiving nourishment, and understanding that the connection from our mouth is also mirrored in our lower bodies. “As above, so below” and achieving an activation in the Golden Centre of the body includes activating and understanding the wisdom of the glands and the centre of our body and self (solar plexus) giving us a sense of our own centring, and the mirror between the upper and lower bodies and our receiving centres. This is such an important element of the energetic anatomy that every tradition - yogic, Taoist, and Sufi - among others - recognises the first Incarnational cell, the seat of self, the first cellular divide, and the Golden Energy of our soul to reside in this centre of the body. We do this not just through balancing above and below, but also through balancing the hormones which are responsible for our reception of spiritual states. The hormonal balancing exercise we do is activated through our true grounding and centring - truly receiving from above, into the Crystal Palace - the pineal, pituitary, thalamus and hypothalamus, all the way down into the thyroid, heart, breasts and solar plexus, and receiving from below, activating our orgasmic capacity and the glands of the body. These glands do not just include the endocrine glands we explore, but also the micro-glands of the exocrine system, which play a huge role in our immunology and our lymphatic system’s cleaning mechanisms. The glands of our body are the biochemical substances which regulate our spiritual states, and our embodied sense of pleasure, bliss and orgasm. Therefore, activating and balancing these glands, and coming to understand how to have command over them is an important step in sexual-spiritual awakening. Without the reception of energy from the Earth, and allowing this orgasmic vibration in our body, we will not have the power we need to generate real awakening experiences. These experiences are given from the spiritual world into our physical form through the glands, and anchored, carried and moved through the blood of the body. This is a beautiful segue to the energy of the Chong Mai - this channel governs the blood, and connects to womb to the heart through the organs the spleen governs - glands and intestines. In many ways you could say the Chong Mai governs the whole enteric nervous system; with over 90% of our most important neurotransmitters being generated in the gut, along with the enteric nervous system itself using over 30 neurotransmitters, and our major hormonal centres being found in our lower body (ovaries, uterus), it should come as no surprise that the deepest channel of the body runs directly through these centres, and is responsible for purifying our vibration in this place.

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Sea of Blood
The Chong Mai is our deepest connection to self and self support, nourishment, acceptance and truth - and as such we explore it twice in Level 1 of Golden Lotus. The Chong Mai is the deepest channel in the whole body and it is called the Sea of Blood. In Chinese Medicine there are variations of blood - one variation being created by the Spleen. This type of blood’s quality and it's capacity to anchor of our spiritual states is dependent on how we receive ourselves, energetically & spiritually, and our world physically through food and nourishment. The Chong Mai is a more spiritual incarnation of this energy, and the quality of it's sea of blood relates more to how we are able to receive nourishment and healthy love into our womb-heart connection to charge the blood which nourishes on the deepest levels and anchors our spirituality and self love into the body. This is, as mentioned, related to how the Spleen connects to the first Incarnational cell, and the whole solar plexus - the healthy Self. We spend time this week anchoring light in this space.


“Yi is the middle, the earth, the celestial pivot. Above is heaven, light, formlessness, infinite possibility and the yang spirits of the shen and the hun. Below is matter, darkness, density and finite form, manifestation and the yin spirits of the po and the zhi”
✨Lorie Eve Dechar ✨