the 1st gate: the clitoris

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The Origin of the Clitoris

The origin of the clitoris is a unique and interesting topic - when we speak about sacred sexuality, and hormonally induced spiritual -sexual states or the concept that spiritual states are communicated to in-body experiences and feelings through the release of certain hormones, in reality the choice to inhabit a female body - and specifically the formation of the clitoris - is one of these experiences. The clitoris is defined by a moment which occurs 49 days into gestation - where the two parts of our energetic and spiritual anatomy (the sexual organs and the pineal gland) align to create a physiological shift in the body. At 7 weeks, the pineal gland has formed from the roof of the mouth, and the beginning of sexual organs have formed from the tissues of the kidneys, and the soul enters the body triggering a huge flush of the “spirit molecule” DMT from the brain. DMT is called the “spirit molecule” or the “death hormone” as it is a highly hallucinogenic molecular substance or “brain hormone” which is released during, and responsible for particular pivotal spiritual experiences and moments in our life where we incarnate or leave the body in a particular way - the main examples being during birth, and again at death. It has to do specifically with the soul and spirit coming in and out of the body, and having access to life changing/altering moments where our spirituality defines a new sense of self - such as rebirthing or near death experiences. During this flood of DMT the pineal gland releases at 49 days in utero, the soul enters the body and determines the gender in which it will incarnate - and from this moment, the structure of the clitoris is formed. The specific number of 49 days is, according to Buddhism, when the soul enters the child in utero - and during this moment the sex is determined - Western medicine also notes that at about 7 weeks gender is determined.

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✨ The Reflexology of the Clitoris: The Pineal Gland & The Clitoris ✨ 
From it’s curious and spiritual beginnings, the clitoris maintains an interesting relationship to the spiritual organ systems which are responsible for generating DMT biochemically, as it continues to evolve and form into the structure which houses the First Gate and entrance to the vagina and our genital erogenous zones. While it becomes an organ which is predominantly responsible for pleasure it does not lose its connection to bringing on spiritual states, or it’s capacity to direct and respond to energetic information in much the same way the pineal gland does. The pineal gland and the glans (head) of the clitoris also share the fact that they are one of few solitary organs in the body - as most other organs & structures are paired left to right (especially inside the brain). Additionally, while the glans of the clitoris and the pineal remain very small in size, the blood flow to them both is relatively larger than other organs. Our pineal gland is considered to be a remnant of the “third eye” in reptiles and birds, a structure which has high levels of photosensitivity due to a neurological connections to the retina. The third eye in reptiles and birds is responsible for vision and the electromagnetic sensitivity required to navigate migration paths across the Earth. As humans we still rely on this photosensitivity to dictate melatonin and serotonin production based on daylight and nightfall, and there remains an electromagnetic and photosensitive quality to the pineal which is responsible for the spiritual element of the “third eye”; the capacity to see energies, receive intuition and guidance, and visions. Equally, the clitoris has it’s own electromagnetic sensitivity as in the glans of the clitoris alone we see her 8000 nerve endings - more sensitive than a penis - and throughout the clitoris, we have over 15,000 nerve endings. There is a strong quality and connection of sensitivity, spiritual awareness, and hormone regulation as well as guidance for the intuition which can be discerned and accessed through keeping the pineal gland soft, active and live, and a strong quality of instinctual intelligence, compass, and magnetic desire based guidance (along side hormone production and regulation) which we gain through ensuring an alive, shameless, strong, and deep seated connection to our clitoris.

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Reflexology of the Clitoris: The Lungs ✨

Beyond the reflexology with the pineal gland and it’s DMT inspired formation, the clitoris has a reflexive and healing relationship to the only other organ in the body which has been found to produce large amounts of DMT responsible for inducing intense spiritual states; the lungs. The lungs and the vestibular bulbs of the clitoris have a series of different resonances and reflexive realities which range from the spiritual connection between all three spiritual state inducing organs of the pineal, lungs and clitoral connection (seeing that the head of the glans is similar to the pineal and the bulbs mirror the lungs), to their role in emotionally storing and releasing grief, to their capacity to detoxify the body through the movements of fluid, which balance, cleanse and lubricate. The clitoris, similar to the lungs, has an activating role in the movement of lymphatic fluid. This subtle and reflexive relationship of the lymph also leads us into exploring the biomechanics of the relationship of the clitoris with the sacrum, our pelvic placement and tilt, to the opening and release of psoas. The relationship on a bio-mechanic level of the clitoris to the lungs presents itself through the erectile tissues of the clitoris - which are as much as a male penis - and actually activate and shift the position of our hips forward, with the activation of the cervix and uterus. This in turn affects the psoas muscle, which both activates and relaxes, allowing the ribs and heart to open, and the breathing to release. To this end, and for their ability to activate energy all along the Ren Mai (conception vessel) and mirror in part the energetic lung function, the clitoral bulbs, sitting under the labia, are seen as an energetic reflex zone for the lungs in Taoism.

✨“The clitoris is knot of 8,000 nerve fibres and the only organ in the body designed purely for pleasure – more concentrated nerve endings than in the tongue, twice as many as in the penis. Proof that God is a Woman.” ✨

✨Chloe Thurlow✨

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The Clitoris & Immunology
We also see the role the clitoral erectile and arousal network plays in the movement of deeper, lymphatic fluids from the level of the pumping and activating of the sacrum. In our self pleasure exercise we explore the pumping and activating motion of sensation from the head of the clitoris, down the bulbs, around the introitus, up the vagina, the cervix, through the uterus, to the round ligaments and back into the clitoris/labia. All of these nerves, structures, and organs are governed from the sacrum - and the sacral pump is responsible, along side two other pumps (the thoracic diaphragm and the cranial pump) for the movement of energy and lymphatic fluid around the body for detoxification. Indeed the sacrum, when it’s activated, pumps lymph from the pelvic bowl directly up to behind the kidneys and the cisterna chyli, allowing the autoimmune system and lymphatic system to flush the body of toxics more effectively. This not only stimulates the nerves and the muscles of the sacrum, giving the flush of the lymphatic system during engaged practice/arousal, but the stimulation of nerves encourages the growth of muscles in the pelvis - governed by the sacrum, and results in gradual increase in size and tone of the muscle, and the clitoral gland itself, long after your practice is over. The clitoris itself also, being a gland, excretes and swells with fluid and blood, allowing for detoxification of the body, a healthy vaginal ecology, and an important role in immunology through the lower body which doctors and scientists are only beginning to discover. Like all glands, the clitoris can calcify over time if not used. Clitoral stimulation practices sometimes feel sharp, glassy, scratchy, sore, or even generate sensations of stinging or tightness in the beginning - however over time, this practice increases and balances hormones such as testosterone, regulates and defines your labia and the clitoral size. To decalcify the clitoris or any other gland, you must allow your emotions to release, any sense of shame, repressing sensation, memory, emotion, or withholding to decline, and begin to simply allow and enjoy more and more sensation, fluid, expansion, blood and energy to bathe this area.

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The Clitoral Orgasm ✨
When we talk about a clitoral orgasm, it can often be synonymous to a male orgasm in that the clitoral orgasm, which builds sensation and muscle tension from the sacrum into the front of the labia and vagina and then pulsates to release all of this tension, as a once off tightening and release similar to male ejaculation. Often, after this happens, the sacrum is so active, and the nerves in the clitoris are so sensitive, we (women) don’t want to be touched again. It’s one version of orgasm which we can compare to a standard male climax. We build tension, we peak, we climax, and then we are finished and no longer want to continue sexual activity. We may as well roll over and go to sleep.

The aim of learning about the reflex zones the health benefits of the clitoral orgasmic cycles are to encourage us to begin to treat our sexuality differently - including patience, and time and nurture for our emotional and sexual selves, as well recognising how to recycle the waves of orgasm through the vaginal canal and cervix for increased pleasure.

Therefore, when we speak about the “clitoral orgasm” as the basis for all orgasm, we need to take into account that the clitoris arousal is initiating the first orgasmic cycles of the body, it’s engaging the sacrum and the nerves in the sacrum, it’s lifting the cervix and the uterus, and therefore preparing us for conception, and the clitoris is also preparing the vaginal opening for penetration (as the bulbs of the clitoris hug the opening of the vaginal, and secrete the fluids for lubrication). It is also hugging the urethra, girdling the g-spot and the urethra, readying the second gate, and the second gate practice initiates through finding the back of the clitoris for sensation, and of course cultivating movement and sensation and sending waves of energy into the cervix, which has its own ability to pulsate and generate cycles of arousal, but is initially sensitised and awakened by the clitoris. It is for this reason we call it the first gate of orgasm.