the 2nd gate: the g-spot

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The Origin of the G-Spot

The second gate of orgasm, or the para-urethral glands, Skene glands, g-spot, or “female prostate” is an area of the pelvis which sits behind the pubic bone and surrounds (and empties into) the urethra. This area of the vagina is related to the kidney & adrenal reflex zone inside the vaginal canal and (similar to the lung and clitoris bulbs) this relationship reflects in the emotional elements which preclude ejaculating, as well as the hormones produced during a g-spot orgasm, and the biomechanics of exciting and activating the g-spot.

The g-spot or Second Gate has a deep connection to the Kidneys, and the marrow of the body as the g-spot sits in the Kidney reflex zone inside the vaginal wall. The relationship and reflexology of the kidneys and the g-spot starts embryologically, as this gland and the reproductive organs come from the same tissue of the kidneys themselves. At the point of gender differentiation, this tissue generates the female prostate for women and the prostate gland in men.

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The Reflexology of the G Spot ✨ 
This gland sits within a sponge, and similar to all sponges, it has the capacity to absorb emotion and store vibration. In the G Spot, the emotions stored in the fluids and structures tend to be related to the kidneys; and fears of letting go, shame about sexuality, and fear of loosing control - which is why often when we stimulate this part of the body there is a sense of shame, or fear about letting go, wetting the bed, or urinating. I believe this fear goes deeper than the issues projected onto it about releasing and ejaculation - and speaks to a deeper level of kidney based survival and trust fears, and fears around loosing control and power. Similarly, when the gland is cleared of these emotions, and the ejaculation comes from a deeply supported place, it can completely purify our sense of releasing our fluids, and create a spiritual experience of deep purity and innocence - balancing negative emotions and healing our experience of our sexuality.

It goes without saying that this gland is also related to the water element of the kidney, and bio-mechanically - in conjunct with the clitoris - the g-spot has the capacity to stimulate all of the structures related to the kidneys - from the urethra, bladder, ureter and kidneys themselves; resulting in releasing the adrenal glands, and stimulating a pulsing massage which cleanses of the kidneys - releasing fluids into the bladder for ejaculation. This is because the pulse of the clitoris pulls the hips forward, and when directed through the bladder and urethra, sends shock waves into the ureter and kidneys, similar to how the clitoral cycles sense energy into the cervix and uterus. This also pumps the sacrum and hip bones through the lower back, releasing and shortening the muscles which support the kidneys, relaxing and massaging the kidneys. This gland also has deep relationships to the marrow and the Du Mai and true ejaculation nourishes and stimulates the pelvic bone, sacrum, lower back, and the spine.

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Gentle Ejaculation to Cultivate Fullness ✨

This deep stimulation of the second gate (going all the way to the kidneys) actually produces the second level of female ejaculate, which is seperate from the prostate fluid itself, and is a higher level of cleansing and reinvigoration for the kidney directly due to the production of aldosterone by the adrenal glands. The production of aldosterone balances adrenalin in the system, and sends a negative ionic charge through the fluids of the body, to cool and cleanse the blood, balance the PH, and lower blood pressure.

Irrespective of the type of ejaculate and kidney activation produced during g-spot stimulation, the g-spot still has the ability to cultivate an enormous amount of energy which can be stored in the marrow and the bones of the body, therefore replenishing the kidneys because of the proximity to the pubic bone, and the way in which this placement stimulates and releases the pelvis. As the g-spot and the clitoris hug the pubic symphysis, stimulation and release here generates movement and promotes circulation, flexibility, and health through the pelvis, from the cartilage in the front all the way to the sacroliliac joints in the back.

Keep in mind that the pubic symphysis in the front is connected to the deep fascia of the clitoris, and in the back, is connected to the g-spot, and urethra, so stimulating both sides can be deeply pleasurable and release large amounts of tension all the way around the pelvis, to the sacral and hip joints (sacroiliac joints)  when the energy is correctly circulated; similar to how stimulating the ribs movement at the sternum can release the ribs at the spine. The pelvis is two bones which surround the body and connect around the sacrum at the back and the pubic symphysis at the front, and if you press in the front of the pubic bone, above the symphysis you will feel the nerve of the g-spot as well as the gentle movement of the pelvic bone all the way to the back of your body. The waves of arousal coming from the high sacral nerves to the bladder and from the symphysis to the back of the sacrum mean that this type of arousal and orgasm has a deeply releasing and activating affect on the sacrum, hip, and sciatic nerve issues (both lumbar and piriformis).

Similar to short lived, almost male clitoral orgasms which build tension, peak, and are over, when women aren’t recycling energy through the pelvis at the second gate, they can also have an ejaculatory orgasm which is draining to the kidneys and the psyche (including the withdrawing in shame and silence) and mirrors certain typical male ejaculation patterns. Even for women it is possible to have a forced, adrenalised, almost shameful and uncontrollable ejaculation which results in the same low as the peak of sensation itself. Some women naturally have this tendency, and uncontrollably ejaculate with every orgasm, almost akin to a premature ejaculation in males in terms of the physiological patterns and the sensations these women feel. It is worth, gate by gate, realising how the similarity between female and male orgasms have less to do with being male or female and more to do with how we store, recycle, cultivate and regard our sexuality.

Therefore, similar to how we learn to recycle energy through our clitoral orgasm to open the next gates of arousal, we also need to build the cycles of arousal and relaxation in our practice of second gate opening in order to open the third, so as not to “waste” our energy or “deplete” our sexual experience at this stage. The practices of building energy not just in one area of the vagina, but through the whole of the pelvic basin, engorging and circulating sensation, pleasure, blood, and fluid, are different, but just as vital if not more so in the Second Gate as the First Gate.

✨“Taoists view ambrosia as being a natural function of our awakened feminine essence that is not a goal for us, but a result of harmonised hormones, powerful pelvic muscles, and our acceptance of our fluids as natural expressions of our body.” ✨

✨Saida Desilets✨

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Cycles of Arousal
In the g-spot/Second Gate, we have the capacity to move energy not just through the vaginal canal to the cervix, uterus and up to the round ligaments, but to fill above and beneath the vaginal canal, allowing our gentle stimulation of this urethral area to generate a fluid like sensation which fills deep into sacrum, the anus and the perineum, providing a sense of safety, fullness, and support, as well as above the vaginal canal radiating behind the clitoris into the urethra, bladder and even the ureter and kidneys. When we take the time to fill the pelvis with arousal and ejaculate, coming to ejaculation is filled with a sense of safety and fullness, as though fluids are filling up all through the sacrum and vagina and being gently pumped by sacrum, out of the urethra. This orgasm feels like a fountain gently overflowing and releasing; the sense of innocence is beautiful, and there is no hard, harsh squirt of fluids, but rather gentle ebbing and releasing. This energy is generated initially from the clitoris and enhanced by the pressure and engorging of the urethra, until eventually with every gentle orgasmic wave through the vestibular bulbs surrounding the urethra fluid is being “milked” or gently releasing out of the sponge, through ejaculation. This is what would be considered a deeply nourishing ejaculation experience; that you are ejaculating, or overflowing, or releasing out of a place of excess; there is a sense of overflowing and not pushing, but rather pumping and releasing, which is really vital to the cultivation of energy versus depletion.

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Ambrosia ✨
The sensation of gentle ejaculation actually supports us to release the gland, to allow it to swell, and to flush out or gently let go of the fears stored there - including those around shame or fear of peeing or wetting or letting go; and then we can actually release enormous amounts of micro muscular holding, fear and negative emotions which get stored here. The result is a deeply relaxing, healing sense of release which has a sense of purity accompanying it; completely void of any shame, or fear, or any embarrassment. There is no anxiety of the “build” towards the “squirt” which can result in pulling back or holding in this fluid, and repressing sensation and generating stored tension. I believe the true second gate ejaculation is one of pure openness and trust, which taps into the purity, reverence and Goddess like experience in ancient history of this “ambrosia” being used for both holy and medicinal purposes, similar to how we use alkaline waters for cleansing and healing today. This water, this ejaculate - both the prostate fluid like ejaculate from the para-urethral gland and the aldosterone loaded waters from the kidneys as the second phase of this orgasm - are deeply healing to give, and to receive; a fact which multiple sources in the healing Tao, Tantra, and ancient Priestess lineages corroborate.