the 3rd gate: the Cervix

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The Cervix

The cervix is, in essence, the neck of the uterus. The uterus looks like a small upside pear, and is similar in size, which expands and contracts, fills and empties in relationship to stress, fluid movement, compression, and your menstrual cycle. Where your uterus narrows to meet the vaginal canal is a neck which is the cervix - and beyond that, the tip of the cervix which is called the Os. The external os is often referred to simply as “the cervix” - leading to some confusion on the whole structure itself, similar to how the word vagina only means the internal structures of the vaginal canal but is regularly (colloquially albeit erroneously) used to describe both the canal and the external genitalia.

The cervix is therefore the entrance to the womb - and the entrance to seat of the deepest channel in our body - the Chong Mai, which originates in the womb and governs the blood between the cervix and the heart. This channel also known as the “sea of blood” is related to the deepest experience of self; self love & self trust. During the final Level 1 class on the Heart & Chong Mai we explore the reflexology of the cervix in relationship to the heart - and how energetically there is a strong electromagnetic current which runs between the two. This reflexology and resonance between the heart and the cervix (similar to the lung and the kidneys in the first and second gates respectively) has a variety of different expressions ranging from the aforementioned magnetic charge of the blood governed, directed, and stored between them, to the electromagnetic correlations between the heart and the cervix as the main nerve & muscle centres in their respective areas of the body, to the endocrine influence on the heart and thymus from stimulating the cervix, to the fascial and biomechanics which impact and connect both of them; and we will explore these connections in depth.

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The Reflexology of the Cervix ✨ 
In addition the cervix also has a connection to the crown chakra of the body - and specifically with the base of the body, and fontanelles, and a pumping action between these two places which is facilitated through the fascia of the body from the pelvic bowl into the fontanelles, and mimics the pulsing of the crown and base when we breast feed as babies. This connection between the crown chakra and the cervix inspires high levels of oxytocin to be released - also present during when we are breastfeeding as babies. It thus comes as little surprise to know that this particular connection of the crown chakra and cervix involves an extraordinary vessel called the Ren Mai - conception or “mother” vessel - which is a nurturing and emotional vessel on the front of the body. We will explore this connection and it’s activation during cervix stimulation and orgasm in more depth after extrapolating the connection of the cervix with the heart.

Starting with an expanded view of the role of the Chong Mai and the blood and electromagnet charge in relationship to the cervix, the heart, and the blood and channel between, there are a few important things to look at. The first is to recognise that in Chinese medine and Taoism we see that different types of blood exist, and therefore all blood has different qualities. The blood of your menses is charged with Jing, which is your life essence, and "heart blood" - a precious form of deep blood of the body, versus the standard blood running through our more superficial veins. Heart blood, and the Chong Mai blood is deeply connected to the Aorta and Vena Carva of the abdomen which circulates between the womb and lower uterine and pelvic structures, the kidneys, and the heart. This blood is thicker and richer in nutrients, lifeforce, and iron, and as much has more "charge". When we talk about the electric charge of the blood we are talking about the ferromagnetic quality of the blood - having iron in it - and the capacity to charge iron into a magnet. When the spirit or soul connects into the blood, it does so through connecting it's electromagnetic quality to the charge of the iron, and thereby charging and purifying the blood. This has a secondary component which has to do with the nervous system, which is a conduit between the energy of the spirit/soul anchoring into the physical body.

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Reflexology of the Cervix ✨

As we explore this connection of the blood in the "sea of blood" or Chong Mai - between the cervix and the heart, we begin to see also that this area (the channel) is hyper charged with sets of nerves and neurological tissue; the cervix has three pairs of nerves running through it, and the heart has a complex web of of neurological tissue and it's own intrinsic nervous system as a result. In addition, all through this channel there is incredible innervation in the guts; a huge collection of nerve endings sitting inside the enteric nervous system, which results in the feelings in the gut, peristalsis, and elements of our instinctual intelligence.

This is important to understand in relationship to the Chong Mai (as the deepest channel in the body, related to Self), and the sensation between the heart and cervix which determines the quality and sustained level and build of our orgasmic pleasure because the conduit for the places where the soul comes into the body, and sets the charge for the blood is mediated by the intensity of the electromagnetic charge that can be generated through innervation. The soul moves through the nervous system, heightens it's activity, and charges the blood, and in doing so purifies and releases experiences which are blocking our awakening. Therefore each of these incredible nerve systems in the cervix, the heart, and in between is actually responsible to varying degrees (shared with the release of oxytocin to prepare our body for heightened states of pleasure and activating) for the spiritual orgasms which are unique to cervical orgasm and activation of The Sea of Blood. Thus the nervous system is charging the blood, and the blood thickness, and quality itself mediates the anchoring of this charge, and the capacity for the oxytocin to be communicated through the body - hence the quality of blood in this part of the body being of such deep import to a grounded and trusting sense of Self.

The topic of neurology, neurobiology, the physics of the mind and the brain, and the science of embodiment and spiritual states is too much to go into for this short module, however suffice it to say that a large amount of the nervous system activity in between these two places connects to nerves which are not part of our central or spinal nervous system, but rather part of our parasympathetic nervous system - our "rest and digest" versus our "fight and flight" and this also accounts for how the more meditation we do, the more present and attentive, safe, and genuinely "grounded" electromagnetically we become. Ergo, emotionally with the Chong Mai, the more balanced and strong the Chong Mai connection, the more grounded into our self-trust, self-acceptance, and inner world we feel. This also accounts for a lot of manifestation which happens from a level of deep holding and knowing, and gestating, in the energetic womb. On this level the Cervix actually forms a plug between the outside world and energy coming into our body through the vagina, and the inner world between the womb and the heart, similar to how when we are physically gestating (pregnant) a plug of mucus is formed in the cervix.

On a fascial level the connection between the heart and the cervix actually moves behind the small intestines and up underneath the heart. The small intestines are the yang organ of the Heart and therefore it is technically seen that still the Heart organ system is regulating the blood between the womb, cervix and the heart - as well as the internal meridian of the heart directly wrapping around the small intestines, and having the capacity to open, release, or tighten all of the structures between the womb and the heart.

Moving on to the reflexology of the heart and the cervix in relationship to the Ren mai - or the more energetic experience of cervical orgasm, the Ren Mai cervical orgasm generates a channel of energy which runs up the inside front of the body and around the outside of the front of the body, almost cocooning us in a cosmic womb. This activated the perineum and pulses the base of the body and directly through the cervix in a pleasurable, almost non-sexual, way, generating oxytocin once again. This pulse moves all the way up the body into the fontanelle, which activates the sense of mothering and feeding on a safe, pleasurable, spiritually expansive energy which we have when we first begin to breastfeed.

As children the fontanelle pulses in spiritual experiences (it has been recorded that you can physically see the fontanelle pulse in babies who stay in rooms where meditation is taking place - as a response to spiritual energy in the crown. This also occurs during breastfeeding. This pulse does not affect our fontanelle as physically as adults, but it does activate the fascia underneath the fontanelle, and cause a somatic response of deep relaxation (also related to the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system and oxytocin) and a rolling orgasm of deep spiritual expanse, safety, and mothering energy. During this time, the cervix will often begin to pulse in a suckling motion, as we circle around, or gently stimulate it, or perhaps our partner is nourishingly pulsing the head of his penis (heart reflex zone in male) against our cervix. The lull is almost drug like, the pupils expand, and the body, breasts and vulnerable centres (yin side of the body, soft underbelly) opens to receive safe nourishment and deep orgasmic hormones, to clear the emotions which collect in the Ren Mai (Sea of Chi) and receive spiritual healing.

✨“The power of the cervix is insurmountable in its ability to take us straight to the place within our inner world that needs the most work.” ✨

✨Denell Nawrocki✨

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Cervical Orgasms
The previous exercise speaks to a type of cervical orgasm which is a deeply opening, detoxifying and spiritual experience which is also the type of rolling waves of joy and pleasure which women experience if they have an orgasmic birth. It is a high oxytocin, blissful spiritual experience which waves and rolls through the your psychical body - but similar to the Ren Mai being called the "mother vessel" or "Sea of Chi" is deeply nurturing and feminine, and almost non-erotic, but rather purifying, innocent and spiritual.

The other form of orgasm we can have on a cervical level relates more to the blood and viscera, and is a deep instinctual spiritual experience - which I call the "menstruation" or "conception" orgasm. The activation of the cervix is deeply rooted into the blood and the guttural, instinctual nerve stimulation of the body. It is a mixture of that gut-wrenching desire based pull on the body which happens in deeply aroused animalistic attraction, mixed with the desire to be in union with someone or something close to us. It's an undeniably strong physiological force although this orgasm is also related to a spiritual experience. This orgasm I personally only relate to being with a partner, and the head of their cock (heart centre) and your cervix magnetically pulling one another into generating a child, or some kind of experience which moves beyond the two of you, and feels as though you are generating a child, or new worlds, or somehow the force of being together is responsible for manifesting enormous spiritual change on the planet; it's a very strong, very special experience, often related with bringing a new life onto the planet.

This orgasm has a strong pumping and anchoring of the cervix which actually moves the bottom of the heart and magnetically draws energy from the enteric nervous system into the cervix, effectively grounding all of the energy from the heart and guts into the cervix, hyper charging it to pull into the body, and moving the whole body towards this orgasm. This also completely pulls the psoas forward, and can actually be almost painful in it's desire and pull.

This type of orgasm is also related to menstruation as the cervix is open, descended, and magnetically drawing towards the Earth to menstruate. There is less sucking and more physical pumping and magnetically connecting to your partner or the pleasurable sensation, which you will feel all through your uterus, your guts, and even underneath your heart, so you feel that strong drop in your heart which sometimes we feel when we are deeply in love with someone and they touch us. This same movement is responsible for why sometimes we feel emotional before our period, as the descending pump of the cervix can release emotions stored under the heart. This is a more guttural, full body sensation orgasm, which pulls the cervix down to receive sperm, or to release blood. This can sometimes be experienced by using your jade egg during your menstruation. Depending on the spirituality of your practice, your ovarian health, and the muscle tone of your pelvic bowl.

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Sacred Waters of the Cervix ✨
Strong muscles of the pelvic bowl and the broad ligament play an enormous role in one other element of cervical orgasm, which happens when all of the gates are open and fluid - which is ejaculation from the uterus and the cervix. The cervix has a strong connection through the broad ligament to the nodes of the lymphatic system. It actually has access to three seperate pathways of major lymphatic nodes in the base of the body and when the womb and cervix contract enough in high level orgasm, they can actually pump water and fluid from the base of the body out of the vagina in a huge gush of energy. This is of course deeply cleansing and stimulating for the lymphatic system, and hugely detoxifying. This type of orgasm - or "sacred water" is very rare to find, and does require strong muscles around the pelvis, however it does exist and feels even more liberating and incredible than a g-spot ejaculation. This type of orgasm is usually a secondary result from the more physical cervical orgasm (conception type orgasm) which moves and grounds the blood, nerve sensation, and fluids in the viscera towards the cervix. This eventually stimulates and pumps enormous amounts of lymphatic fluid into the womb and cervix for expulsion.