GOlden Lotus Photoshoot Email

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This email template is for all volunteers & participants for Golden lotus photoshoots.

Golden Lotus is a series of movements, meditations and practices designed for cultivating your feminine embodiment, and expanding your spiritual light - through the centuries old wisdom of feminine Taoist cultivation techniques.

✨Dear Women of Golden Moon Light ✨

Thank you so much for volunteering your time for this unique and beautiful gathering to generate content for Golden Lotus. The aim is to provide a beautiful women’s circle gathering to experience and honour the work while capturing the spirit of this work.

✨Shoot Timing, Dates, and Address✨
 ✨Saturday March 23rd ✨17:00 - 18:30
Al Qudra Flamingo and Swan Lake | Google Map Location | 40 mins from Downtown Dubai

✨What to Wear and What to Bring✨
Please wear white or light clothing. The ideal clothing for the shoot is light, airy clothing such as natural linen etc. however you are invited to wear whatever you feel comfortable in including yoga wear. Please feel free to bring a sheepskin or light pillows or rugs to sit on. We may use these, or we may not, depending on the creative direction. If you are wearing jewellery we request you wear gold jewellery only - and please feel free to let us know the creator of any products or jewellery you’d like to promote. There will be an altar and candlelight settings provided - we will be traversing the sunset so feel free to bring a shawl. ✨

Photoshoot Content ✨ 
During the photoshoot the creative director will have a script which traverses the different meditations and movement sequences of Golden Lotus, so you will have the opportunity to experience the opening of the circle, a Golden Lotus sisterhood welcoming blessing, and then a series of beautiful embodiment meditations and visualisations, as though you were in a usual Golden Lotus women’s circle. Expect a beautiful, honouring, gracious and bonding experience.

Conditions of The Work (Please Read)

Sadly, due to poor results in the past, we can no longer officially provide all of the women volunteering with the original photographs, as regularly the images are not credited to @_goldenlotus_

Less officially, when we receive the photos if we see one or two shots of someone’s face or body which are quite beautiful and personal, we will send these to the person ourselves. We do request that everyone credit’s our ownership of the photography, as well as the photographer.

Please read the following conditions;
I understand that I am not a paid model, influencer or brand sponsor; I have volunteered to take part in a Golden Lotus shoot, and I understand the full extent of the content I am promoting and advertising. I understand that once these photos are taken they will become the property of Golden Lotus for use freely on our social media, advertising and PR in the future. I understand that by agreeing to the shoot that I am free to re-post them once they have been posted. I agree that in all re-posting of images I will honour and tag @_goldenlotus_ and the photographer, giving credit where necessary. I understand that upon RSVP and with participation in the shoot, I give my consent for all of the above.

Please RSVP to this mail or the curator of the shoot confirming you have understood the terms of the photoshoot. Please ensure we have your WhatsAp number, best email, Instagram & Facebook handles.

✨With love and golden warmth and kindness
✨Golden Lotus ✨