Postpartum pratice

The following is the Golden Lotus “Blessing the Egg” ceremony. This meditation forms a part of the original Level 1 content, and was channeled during a Golden Lotus Full Moon Ceremony, one Full Moon after Golden Lotus was born. Shortly after the meditation was channeled during the blessing ceremony, one of our participants wrote the following poem.

“My dear sisters,
My dear friends,
We are all women
We are all on the same way,
We are all full of love
Sisters from different mothers
Lets hold hands together
Finding inspiration,
Gathering our love
Lets find strength, To forgive each other,
For judgments and words, Harsh or abusive
As we are all there, In the universal cradle, Surrounded with enormous power to create
We are women
We are all mothers, sisters and daughters
My beautiful sisters
Let's stay tall
We are power
We are love
We are softness
Kindness and progress
Take my hand
Give me yours
We are bound for success”
- Dessi Kassab, for Golden Lotus

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blessing the egg

When we originally began Golden Lotus, the first classes saw us ordering many, many beautiful jade eggs for all of the women involved. We initially used a beautiful company run by two sisters to provide us our eggs, as well as various other sources when we needed to order variegated sizes. Despite multiple shipments from different places around the globe, all of the eggs were delayed or “lost” in the system until the day after this Full Moon Ceremony. Once we prayed for the eggs, blessed them, and made clear our intentions as a sisterhood for igniting this path of healing, all the eggs arrived. Since that time, it was clear we needed to provide women specific Golden Lotus eggs, with this blessing made upon each. This prayer, ceremony and activation is now made for all of the eggs before they are packaged and sent out around the globe - and we include it so that you can continuously know and renew the energy which you have been drawn to, amongst all of the different eggs and companies available to you for your spiritual growth. This channeling and prayer symbolises the commitment to the intentions of self-love, self-respect, and healing for all Beings as we walk on this awakening journey. Click below for an audio version of the Blessing Ceremony, and click here to read the blessing of the egg for yourself.

Inviting your own intentions into your practice

The “blessing of the egg” is a collective intention - it commits us to our path towards honouring ourselves as Women, as pieces of the Earth and the Earth herself. It invites us into being a luminary and a light in the dark, and connecting to the worldwide golden web - also known as the feminine Christ Consciousness - as illuminated beings. However, this practice is also deeply powerful to connect to your own intentions. You can sit with your egg and charge her with some of your own intentions, which are most potent when you invite them into your deep Golden womb space - whether you have inserted the egg is inside, or not. Use the above practice to connect to the consciousness and the grid, and then spend time inside that activated space to place your own intentions for manifestation into the web, and allow the sisterhood, Mother Earth, the Moon, the sun, and the stars to bring back to you the love which you have so bravely and fiercely given out.

Remember to record your intentions; write them down somewhere precious. Intentions can be set at any time, but you may wish to track them through Moon cycles; traditionally the New Moon has fertile seeding energy, and the Full Moon will illuminate and bring to light that which has been intended, and brought to fruition; the fruit borne from the seeds of intention we planted. You can also work with your menstrual moon cycles - learning and tracking your own rhythms. Many women find ovulation is a time to weave manifestations & reap manifested dreams, while bleeding releases that which no longer serves, and seeds new intentions.

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All Golden Lotus work is Full moon work

The founder of Golden Lotus, despite having studied a variety of different forms and paths of mysticism, took all of her guidance and lineage from Sufism. The variety of modalities she studied were only those she was guided to study in order to bring her feminine work to the world, and that guidance was given through her Sufi Sheikhs. In Islam, as well as most mystical and esoteric practices, the moon plays a particularly important role. We follow a moon calendar and it is said that the Prophet of Islam would ride into medina and we illuminated and manifested for his Umma on the full moon. The new moon is a seeding time, and the full moon brings lumination, and fruition - it sheds light, on that which has been seeded. This work is also Priestess work, and often syncs women’s menstrual cycles to the “priestess” cycle or the Full Moon cycle.

Idea: Perhaps this can go in an audio? It is said in Sufism that at the “end of days” when the Feminine Christ Consciousness returns alongside Maitreya, or the Messiah, or Mahdi, as he is mentioned in Islam, the “moon is cleft asunder”. This meaning can refer to the secrets of the feminine mysteries opening. Our founder believes that all religions have their shadow; Jesus and Mary Magdelene brought profound TempleWork and teachings of Tantra and the inner Child, and the shadow and distortion of that erotic innocence, sexual sovereignty and chastity, we have seen from the Church. In the same way, we see today the mysogyny associated with the acculutrualised versions of Islam which do not reflect it’s true nature, that of the Feminine. The moon. The moon and the star, not the sun and the moon. Yin Convergence.