Golden Lotus Online postpartum Class

✨ On May 6th we will be opening the doors for the first online Golden Lotus Postpartum Work. This 3 week, live journey through the Golden Lotus Postpartum Work places emphasis on learning about your own physiology and personal birth experience in a sacred and honouring way. The focus is specifically on the smooth transition to Motherhood or new stages of Motherhood - by shedding light on the postpartum experience, and inviting a renewed power and connection to your body and nervous system.

✨“The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new."
✨Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh ✨

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What will I receive?

This online course is delivered through 3 modules, week by week, with around 3.5 - 5.5 hours of content each week.
There will be 1 - 1.5 hour educational video, somatic movement practices, mediations, and practical tools and exercises for you to engage with. Alongside this you will receive downloadable images and resources which speak to the physiological, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of our postpartum body, and enhance our understanding and engagement with this magical period of time.

We will also provide a weekly Q&A video via email, where all questions from all participants that week will be answered. In a private Facebook group we will share, integrate, discuss and download our intimate experiences, expressions, sharing, and reflections from all of the content and exercises. 

This class is perfect for birth-workers, pregnant women anticipating and preparing for their fourth trimester, and mothers who have already traversed this postpartum period and wish to address issues which they feel may have stemmed from this period of time, or retroactively receive support and healing for anything they feel they left behind.

What You Receive Weekly
✨1.5 Hour Video of Content of Weekly Topic ✨
✨3 Additional Relevant “Deep Dive” Educational Videos ✨
✨1 Download & Read Booklet: Information and Resources in a PDF form ✨
✨Additional Downloadable Resources: Recipe cards, meditations, images etc. ✨
✨Private Facebook sharing group ✨

“This set of classes moves through postpartum education and a deeply somatic and integrated take on what happens to your body, your mind and your being, as well as your partnership and relationship during birth, and in the postpartum period, and often for years afterwards.”
✨ Eva Louise Williams ✨


✨6 May - 13 May - 20 May ✨
6 May 2019: ✨The Vacuum of the Pelvis ✨
13 May 2019: ✨Emotional and Nervous System Integration ✨
20 May 2019: ✨Postpartum Sexual Healing for Mothers ✨

Time Commitments: 2 - 3 hours online per week / 9 hours over 3 weeks ✨
Location: All of the work will be completed online through the Golden Lotus Postpartum portal ✨

Registration closes on the New Moon 4th May 2019.

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✨module 1: The Vacuum of the pelvis

The first module covers “The Vacuum of the Pelvis”; we look at the process of change with a mother’s body goes through during the 3 trimesters - and what occurs physiologically and on the fascial level as a continuum; before and after birth.
We explore healing the physical body, recovering the emotional body, and the elegant solutions found in mothering your new born child while simultaneously nurturing yourself as a new born mother. In this module we cover how breastfeeding, lactation, touch, holding, and the hormones and process of bonding facilitate the healing of your own body and self. We also provide aids on how to generate a good support guide, and care for postpartum wounds and integrating your birth experience, on all levels.

✨module 2: Emotional and Nervous System Healing

Emotional and Nervous System Healing after birth; Let’s talk about taking care of your body, your body-mind, and integrating the birthing experience a little further down the track. How do we track our integration? How do we deal with trauma that perhaps we don’t have a context for? This module is all about practical skills for scar remediation, for healing, and understanding the change and expansion of Self which happens uniquely after the experience of birth. We will call this managing the “come down” - coming back to every day life, and continuing to healthily receive and integrate support in your daily life.

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✨module 3: Postpartum Sexual Healing for Mothers

Postpartum Sexual Healing for Mothers and Partners; this module has a focus on drawing out desire and healing, reintroducing, and redefining sexuality postpartum. We look at how to slowly introduce desire and the erotic (the woman) from the mothering experience; a look at reuniting and redefining sexuality for yourself (initially), and then with your partner. We have a focus on understanding the evolution of how we define and experience sexuality and intimacy postpartum - which changes vastly after the birth and mothering experience. We explore common issues in sexual desire, partnerships, and more, and offer practical solutions - emotional and physical - to traverse, map, and rebuild or reignite this side of yourself.




Shayanne Salama

Shayanne is an Swiss-Egyptian Reiki Master, Postpartum Doula, and Lactation specialist based in the UAE. She is Mother to Marwan, and has assisted hundreds of women with lactation issues, postpartum support and holding, and education. She is passionate about giving women the most practical and empowering knowledge possible around their birth, their healing, and their processes - and believes deeply that this knowledge is not just for the recent mothers, or mothers to be, but can give healing and context to all women who have given birth previously, and help heal women’s experience at any stage of their life.

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Eva Louise Williams

Eva is a spiritual-somatic embodiment coach, with a long background focused in fertility, birth, sexuality and re-educating women, and practitioners around women’s sexual anatomy, physiology and function. Her life’s work has culminated in the body of work Golden Lotus, which provides education and practices for health ranging from fertility to sexuality, from conception to birth and the postpartum experience. She’s passionate about providing practical content for women to learn about their sensuality and sexuality without the ambiguous or violent dynamics often found in traditional social or medical settings.