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Golden Lotus Resources

✨Dear Beautiful Woman of Golden Lotus✨ 

I'd love to introduce some resources which people have asked after. I can only offer my favourites - and there is at once too much to cover, and yet only a few which really speak to me to recommend for the connection with this work at Level 1. 

Tao Tantra and The Egg ✨
The first books are woman written books on Tao-Tantra and the ways of the Jade Egg - as well as an overview of the Lineage of the White Tigress. These are basic overviews but really nice, gentle reads: 
✨ The Emergence of the Sensual Woman - Saida Desilet 
✨ Tao Tantric Arts for Women - Minke De Vos 
✨ The Sexual Teachings of the White Tigress - Hsi Lai

There are so many beautiful women and books published on this information. I gravitate towards books by Mantak Chia and the Universal Tao primarily because I feel they are dense and well articulated and organised for someone with a background and experience in this work. I realise it isn't for everyone - and that sometimes the more floral and feminine styles of writing like those written above are really deep and nourishing. 

Videos On Stringing and Cleaning Jade Eggs ✨
These videos aren't something particularly special - it's just that I like to recommend videos by practitioners who have really done thorough work with the egg and understood at some stage or another (Saida slowly moved away from the spiritual side of it - but her length and depth of experience is real none the less) it's delicacy to show you how to string or clean the egg. 

Taoist and Chinese Medicine References ✨
There are lots and lots of beautiful books written by Mantak Chia and his school - The Universal Healing Tao. Their practitioners and the information is extraordinary albeit somewhat dense if you don't have a background with this modality and language. Some I particularly like in terms of spiritual work with the Taoist and Japanese schools are the following: 
✨ Joy of Feeling: Jin Shin Do - Iona Teeguarden
✨ Esoteric Acupuncture - Dr. Mikio Sankey 
✨ Awaken Healing Light of the Tao - Mantak Chia 
✨ Cultivating Female Sexual Energy - Mantak Chia 

Somatic Schools, Internal Touch and Bodywork ✨
In terms of somatic work there are some somatic schools which have done beautiful things - like the Californian based Body Electric - and the schools of somatic sexology. I hope with all of my being to be offering and opening more temple space in the future where women will have the experience to learn these techniques. The founder, Joseph Kramer has some beautiful online resources, but Betty Martin has also pioneered this space with her work on feeling and consent; I'm also a large fan Kimberly Johnson from MagaMama.

Books on the Sacred Feminine, Female Sexuality, Archetypes and Menstruation ✨
This is a big topic, and again for the point of brevity I will place a few ones widely recommended here - and then my favourite underneath:

✨The Wild Feminine - Tami Lynn Kent
✨Vagina - Naomi Wolf
✨Woman Code - Alisa Vitta
✨Her Blood is Gold - Lara Owen
✨Yoni Shakti - Uma Dinsmore Tuli PhD
✨Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom - Christine Northrup M.D.
✨Women's Anatomy of Arousal - Sheri Winston

There are many more - and so many fantastic books but for now I will leave that there. I hope that is enough to begin with for you all. 

✨Please do keep in mind whatever you do that the best resource you have is your own experience and your own wisdom and your own body. If you need an answer, dance. If you need to feel, allow. 
The permission to be gentle with and feel yourself is one of the biggest gifts of allowing you can give yourself and any other women with whom you share your light. ✨

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