Golden Lotus x Saga Yoga Weekend Workshop

Golden Lotus x Saga Yoga Weekend Workshop


About the Work 
This weekend workshop is a deep look inside Golden Lotus jade egg and breath, movement and energy work. We will explore the whole of the Level 1 opus as described below over this beautiful weekend workshop. I look forward to welcoming into the spiritual states that this beautiful female body holds.

Weekend Workshop
13 July ✨Initiation & Opening: Jade Egg & Golden Lotus | Kidneys & Du Mai | Liver & Dai Mai
14 July ✨Spleen & Chong Mai | Lung & Ren Mai | Heart & Cervix | Closing & Containing Ceremony

This weekend workshop is a condensed version of the 5 element series. We will explore the 5 zones of sexual reflexology & feminine consciousness held within the yoni. We’ll be working with the jade egg and movement techniques to clear, detox and activate the pelvis, womb and whole body. We also work with balancing the emotions, the endocrine system and lymphatic system all through awakening the sexuality and inhabiting the lower body - all the areas innervated from the sacrum.

Timing & Dates
July 13th ✨10:00 - 14:00
July 14th ✨10:00 - 14:00  

Location ✨
Saga Yoga
Sepänkatu 19, Punavuori, 00150 Helsinki

Payment ✨
$100 - Online Payment. Payment in advance to book your spot. ✨

✨Golden Lotus events are for Women Only ✨

Beautiful! I'll Join! ✨